5 star review fringe 2023

With only 6 shows at the Perth Fringe Festival, I’m going to start by saying: do yourself a favour and book your tickets now.

Table for Two? was exceptionally funny, incredibly engaging, and absolutely ridiculous.

Will Tredinnick – a self-described “professional idiot” – is brilliant in his one-man, physical theatre act, keeping the audience completely engaged and entertained for the duration of the 50-minute show.

This award-winning show is based around a restaurant’s (disastrous) “grand reopening”. The characters are equal parts terrible and hilarious, and the storyline is perfectly chaotic and absurd.

We attended the opening night for Table for Two? and left the State Theatre with aching, tear-stained cheeks after laughing throughout the entire show. As foreshadowed, the show’s setting is the grand reopening of a rundown restaurant. The audience is spectating the series of unfortunate events that unfold at this reopening, but are also engaged to partake and provide input throughout the show as Tredinnick’s characters artfully break the fourth wall.

The show is opened by an illogical, goofy and seemingly nervous waiter, who is hurriedly preparing for the grand reopening event. It is perfectly executed slapstick comedy – with great timing, delivery, characters, and a dash of quick-witted improvisation from Tredinnick.

We are later introduced to the extravagant and eccentric restaurant manager and a…creative (for lack of a better word) head chef, and a whirlwind of chaos ensues. It is the perfect blend of personalities, and you will look forward to seeing how each character reacts to the events that unfold throughout the evening.

Tredinnick’s facial expressions, physically ridiculous actions and dialogue were enough to have the audience in fits of laughter, but this paired with the excellently timed soundtrack and lighting effects made the show truly hysterical.

The show is only running until Wednesday 25 January, so I highly recommend firing up the group chat and securing your tickets before it’s too late!


Table for Two?

Who: 15+

Where: Rehearsal Room 1 at State Theatre Centre of WA

When: 20th – 25th of January 2023

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Table for Two Review