Supernova reminded me why I love film.

I am not a professional movie reviewer so you won’t find statements about the directing, the score or any of those. Just a sincere review of a new movie.

The Covid-19 lockdowns had led me to forget about my love for the cinema. In fact this is my first cinema experience since we came out of lockdown here in Perth. I could not have been happier for Supernova to be that reintroduction.

Supernova is an original screenplay by Harry Macqueen. It follows the journey of Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci), a couple who are still as in love as ever, and their journey as Tusker negotiates life with early-onset dementia.

The relationship between two men was never a focus of this movie- it was simply a love story spanning over 20 years. The casting was superb as Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci had a natural and obvious connection in their roles; it was a love we can all but hope for. It was moving to see a movie where the sexuality of the main characters did not dictate the direction; they just loved each other.

The men journey in their campervan through the UK and the story unfolds in an understated, natural way. This is an important journey for them as Tusker is two years into his dementia diagnosis, and they want to create memories while Tusker is still able. The scenery used to demonstrate their travels is stunning and the use of shadow, light and sound is nothing short of spectacular. There was one moment in the movie where you are surrounded by darkness and the growing sense of pain is developed so effortlessly.

I will be honest that Supernova did bring me to tears on more than one occasion. I felt the connection, the difficulty in anticipating euthanasia and the impact associated in all aspects. I was left questioning life, love and what it means to be selfless as we approach our end of life.

You can find Supernova at the Perth Festival screening at UWA Somerville as part of Lotterywest Films from Monday 25th Jan – Sunday 31st Jan and then in select cinemas from April 15.

I would encourage you all to see Supernova- it will be a movie that will stay with me for many many years.