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“Join Suns of Fred for an energetic rollercoaster of fast-hitting live comedy! Talk about a triple threat in entertainment. More than a male cabaret trio, these home-grown heroes have saturated comedy over song and dance acts into one intense show, performing sold out shows across Australia and internationally.”

Call me soppy, but I love Western Australian acts. I will always look for them, watch them and make time for them- especially at Fringe World. One of my fave comedy acts to come out of Perth is the sensational Suns of Fred. I have seen them before, interviewed them live on Instagram and still come back for more, each and every time.

For ‘The Greatest Showmen & Another Guy’ there are still some fave elements from their previous shows – their Dirty Dancing number will forever be one of the best for me. This show was at a suburban hotel with a much smaller stage than I have seen them perform before. The spotlight couldn’t focus on all three of them. There was a woman who was very ‘vocal’ throughout. There was not much room for theatrics, but being the professionals they are, Suns of Fred made it all work.

With songs that made you chuckle through to interactions that made me laugh that laugh where you don’t make noise you just kinda shake and get sore cheeks- this is a witty show that plays on sexy; with intelligence and just the right level of inappropriate. The stage presence of each individual can not be faulted. Each playing their character perfectly, and each extremely approachable and relatable.

The new part of this act that was a standout for me was the little ‘magic mike’-esque number – great addition! With voices that hysterically croon and showmanship that will make you swoon – be sure to head to this hilarious show.

Duration: 60 min

Comedy Lounge Perth City

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Recommended)

One show remains on 9th Feb 2020

Get your tickets here.