Three and a half star review

Whenever I think of Burlesque, the first name that comes to mind is Sugar Blue Burlesque. The premier Burlesque troupe in Perth, the ladies (and gents!) have been serving up sizzling performances and churning out new performers through their academy since 2007.

Most people would associate burlesque with a vintage aesthetic with performers serving up feline coyness to 1920s music. It is an art form but like the opera or theatre, not necessarily appealing to the masses.

Strip, Rattle and Roll yanks burlesque straight to the modern age by melding the art of tease with modern music. Hosted by the OTT Sugar du Joure, Sugar Blue Burlesque invites you to enjoy music through the ages with a dash of the signature Sugar Blue spice.

Modern Burlesque is not just a provocative striptease with cheeky elements. It has been hailed as the ultimate expression of self-love regardless of your shape or size. The Sugar Blue troupe epitomise this ethos. These women don’t just accept their body, curves, dimples and all, they celebrate it. The confidence that oozes out of every artist sells every performance and you can’t help but keep all eyes firmly on them.

Aside from body diversity, the show presented a platter of personalities to tickle everyone’s tastebuds. From the sensual moves of sultry Gigi Love to the bumbling comedic styling of Amelia Kisses and Lucy Lovegun seems to have created bogan burlesque for those who love cans of VB. It’s hard to pick a favourite because it would be like comparing apples to oranges.

I don’t normally mention the technical elements of a show in reviews but I feel obliged to mention them in this instance as they can impact the audience’s experience.

There was a bit too much dazzle from the strobe lights which at times were so glaring, that audience members had to shield their eyes. Perhaps this might be an opening night hiccup, which will hopefully be fixed for subsequent shows.

There were three sections of seating. Front and centre, you have cocktail tables in the area closest to the stage followed by a row of seats behind them. To the side of the stage, there is angled seating that is elevated from the main floor.

While the stage is set higher than the audience, it is not high enough to ensure visibility for a non-tiered seating plan. I was seated in the second row of seats behind the cocktail tables; I was able to see most of the show but I missed out on seeing most of the floorwork because the stage floor was obstructed by the people in front of me.

I strongly recommend going early to get the best seat for you – either the cocktail tables for the best view or if you’re easily affected by bright lights, grab the seats on the side.

These considerations aside, I know it was a fun night out because the set seemed to go by too quickly for my liking. Looks like I’ll need to get another dose of Sugar Blue soon.

Strip, Rattle and Roll

Who: R18+

Where: Rosemount Hotel

When: Through to 17th February 2023

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