Hailing from the iconic Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley, Unique Beauty & Style is Perth’s premier Brazilian owned one-stop salon, offering advanced treatments that you will not find anywhere else in Western Australia.

Unique Beauty & Style has introduced Perth to the trending Brazilian style of salon, where a variety of professionals can be found under one roof, boasting convenience, comfort and unbeatable quality.

It is not unusual for Unique Beauty & Style to be pioneers of new beauty trends in Perth. With their specialists introducing Fibreglass Nails, Haguihara and Body Camouflage to Perth – these Brazilian treatments are sure to take Perth by storm this year.

Fibreglass Nails

Unique Beauty and Style’s manicure specialist, Joice, is the first and only technician to offer Fibreglass Nails in Perth. Thin, flexible and durable, fibreglass nails are extensions that will look most like your natural nails. While acrylic nails are thick, rigid and clearly visible, fibreglass nails will convince everyone they’re the real thing. Created with nail health in mind, adding strength to weak nails, causing less damage than acrylics and eliminating odours causing reactions.


Unique Beauty and Style’s skin specialist, Karen, is the first and only technician to offer face and body Haguihara in Australia. Equivalent to eight hours in the gym, Haguihara is an advanced method of instant rejuvenation, helping slim and lift the body while strengthening the muscles. This non-invasive treatment is perfect for those wanting to add shape to their bodies, while saving time and money that would otherwise be spent at the gym. In just ten sessions, the Gluteo Pump will give you the sculpted iconic Brazilian look, sans the hard work.


Body Camouflage

Unique Beauty & Style’s tattoo specialist, Suzzy, was the first scar camouflage tattoo technician in Perth. Camouflage tattooing improves the appearance of under-eye dark circles and scar tissue by inking flesh-toned pigments into the skin. Matching the tones to the surrounding skin, Suzzy will disguise areas of concern to create soft and natural results. Within two to three sessions, body camouflage will conceal dark circles and scar tissue that have been holding you back.

Unique Beauty & Style Founder and Operator, Dandara Ramos, is proud of her talented staff that are paving the way for beauty in Perth.

“When clients come to Unique Beauty & Style they become family. You’ll never go on your phone, you’ll make life-long friends and you’ll be given the best treatment available,” Ramos says.

“We are dedicated to staying ahead of the trends and love to be the first to bring advanced international trends to Perth,” she continued.

Unique Beauty & Style has relocated to the newly constructed Alexander Buildings is amongst great company like Kookai and SoHo Lane, has plentiful free parking nearby and is surrounded by exciting stores to peruse. This modern salon is a must visit for Perth.

Dandara invites you to step foot into Brazil, promising that her new and modern salon, outstanding team and advanced treatments will be like nothing you have ever experienced in Western Australia.