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“There’s a bomb on a bus. If the bus drops below 50 miles an hour, it blows up. What do you do? What Do You Do?!

Climb aboard our vintage bus for this shameless comedic homage to the 1994 action thriller Speed, the film which proved once and for all the best drama is on public transport.”

I’ll be honest upfront; I haven’t seen Speed the movie. Yes, I know- I call myself a child of the 90s. This did not put me off wanting to experience a Fringe show in a BUS?!? As it turns out, I didn’t need to have seen the movie to get the show – you just need to have general Keanu Reeves knowledge.

Speed: The Movie, The Play comes to Perth by QLD group Act / React Theatre, and they should be incredibly proud of what they have created. This show is literally in the car park of Girls School in an old school bus. Your experience will very much be down to how much you love to laugh and have a great time.

Although the show plays homage to the movie, this cast is next level. From the ‘other guest’ with the horribly funny American accent to the bus driver, all the way through to those who ‘rocked our bus world,’ the strength is certainly there in the ‘acting.’ The accents will make you laugh, the movie puns will make you eye roll and groan with a smile, and well, ‘Keanu’ has a vibe that reminded me of Team America. (lots of “X” to not give too much away!)

If there was ever an ‘immersive’ experience, this is it. Props are made that entice you to use your imagination as they are intentionally budget, and part of the charm. The audience is heavily involved in this show, but for those introverts out there – do not fear, not everyone has to be actively involved, ‘Keanu’ is very good at picking up who is keen.

There is singing, there are plastic body parts, there are explosions and there is laughter. Oh there is laughter.

If you are ready to take your love of Fringe to the next level, THIS is your show. Act / React shows us that you don’t need big budgets or flashing lights to create something amazing- just a bus, some creativity and a sexy lead man.

Duration: 60 min

Venue: The Car Park at Girls School

Suitability and warnings: PG

Season- Daily until 25th January 2020

Book tickets here