3 star review

A bit of fun with a deeper meaning. Wacky, humorous and absurd.

With not much idea other than it being a radical circus act, we walked into a very cool Big Top theatre, which was very welcome after the heat of outside. As the act began, some light acrobatics and humor set the stage. I must admit, I was thinking this was pretty simple stuff and not too impressive, however I was soon alleviated of those thoughts as the bottles of Prosecco were bought out. It’s amazing what can be done with some inexpensive and simple props.

There was a definite undercurrent of some more serious issues being addressed which was executed cleverly at times. There were some laughs and some oohs and aahs but I was I amazed and blown away? Sadly not. Some of the deeper meaning that I feel was intended was lost and confusing at times. There is no doubt about the skill and talent of the performers and there were moments where I was leaning forward in anticipation.

Was I reading too much into it and trying to find meaning where it was simply entertainment, maybe! But it was enjoyable enough and if you want to have a few laughs and see some acrobatics in a very different style, make sure you check it out.

by Helen Vogiatzakis

Snatch and Grab

Who: Rated M

Where: Big Top at The Pleasure Garden

When: Season through to the 12th February 2023 excluding Monday

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