5 star review fringe 2023

Divine, awe-inspiring, and wickedly entertaining. Sinsuality: Heaven and Hell combines the best of drag, circus-cabaret, and burlesque into one spectacular 60-minute show.

The brainchild of drag star BarbieQ and contemporary circus company Kinetica, Sinsuality is centred around the seven deadly sins. Everything about the show is otherworldly – from the mesmerising acrobatics to the costumes, soundtrack, makeup, dances and overall theatrics.

The show is hosted by the dazzling, charismatic and outrageous drag queen BarbieQ – an icon in Perth’s drag and performing arts scenes. With more than 20 years in show business, BarbieQ is a true talent. Her ability to captivate, entertain and guide the audience throughout each act is impressive, and her overall stage presence is unparalleled. BarbieQ is also absolutely hilarious, and she takes the audience from a state of awe to hysteria within a matter of seconds.

BarbieQ is joined by well-known and acclaimed Western Australian performers: Matthew Pope, Karl Kayoss, Ruby Lai, Sugar du Joure and Kinetica’s Bec and Sarah. The talented group gave us an unforgettable show – with breathtaking aerials and acrobatics, dancing, cabaret-style performances, and a dash of drag.

We watch Sarah bend, twist, hang, tumble, and twirl in impossible ways from aerial silks, and burlesque legend Sugar du Joure gives us a wickedly funny and alluring enactment about the sin of “greed”.

Good versus evil as Karl Kayoss and Ruby Lai battle it out in a seductive dance and aerial performance. You would truly believe them to be celestial beings after watching the pair swing effortlessly from flying poles metres above the ground.

Matthew Pope mesmerises the audience with his “gluttony” act – giving us aerial, dance and all the drama.

There were also a number of sinful and seductive all-group performances that had the crowd going wild.

Sinsuality: Heaven and Hell was a high-energy show, perfectly executed by an extremely talented team of performers. We highly recommend catching this act before it’s too late!


Sinsuality: Heaven and Hell

Who: 18+


When: 25th – 29th of January 2023

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Sinsuality Perth Fringe Review