Something has happened at 12 Rokeby Road in Subiaco, gone are the ‘Fun’ days of the past, Subiaco is welcoming a new era. Esteemed restauranteur Benny Tua and 2022 WA Chef of the Year Leigh Power have combined their artistic forces in the creation of gorgeous new venue Shui. That’s Shui as in ‘feng shui,’ an ancient Chinese practice which uses energy forces to create Harmony. This practice ties into Leigh’s cooking style, which uses his big four – spicy, sour, sweet and salty to craft balance into his dishes. Based on the opening night enthusiasm Shui is set to reinvigorate the burgeoning Subiaco restaurant scene.

Upon entering it is undeniable that this venue had significant time and thought instilled in its creation. From the enchanting ceiling of flowing ruffles (like fettuccini swirls, a nod to the previous owners), and pendant lighting, to the delicious cocktails (Only Fams and Dirty Chai anyone?) it is clear Benny and Leigh know the importance of creating a unique experience for their patrons.

Throughout the evening the cocktails were created with flair by the bar staff and the kitchen was observable offering a sense of dinner theatrics. Very appropriate given our proximity to the Regal Theatre.

The food was plentiful and swiftly dispersed throughout the crowd by attentive and charming servers. I was treated to a delicious assortment of Asian inspired fusion dishes from crispy vegetable spring rolls, to beef served on potato chips, mouth-watering fried chicken and my favourite, fried okra. I heard myself saying “you had me at fried okra” as the dish was introduced.

‘Quite simply the food was delicious’

Benny Tua then addressed the group talking about his years in hospitality and the importance of supporting local business. It was fascinating to learn the ambitious plans he has to invest in the creation of future unique venues (Ten in three years!) where the creatives have a monetary part in the restaurant and are then able to profit from a venues success. This is to combat the trend of chefs and restaurateurs burning out and leaving the profession as they are not party to the success of individual restaurants. This is a truly purposeful business model and Benny’s passion for the industry was abundantly evident from his speech.

So are you inspired to hit the Subi strip? Try one of Shui’s ten bespoke cocktails, add the Beef tartare to your short-list and don’t forget your ‘gram photo opp with that bar with touches of 24 carat gold.

12 Rokeby Rd, Subiaco WA 6008

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