After having their FRINGE WORLD season cut short due to WA’s snap lockdown in February, dARKFIELD’s highly acclaimed multi-sensory shows FLIGHT and COMA are returning to Perth for a limited run at tHE Perth Cultural Centre.

Presented by Realscape Productions (AU) in association with Darkfield (UK), these multi-sensory experiences will run from 20 May to 20 June 2021.

The DARKFIELD experiences take place inside purpose-built signature white shipping containers and use binaural audio, sensory deprivation and special effects to place the audience at the centre of a narrative completely at odds with the space it occupies.

January marked the premiere of COMA in Perth, where audience members lie down in a bunk bed, each becoming separated from their counterparts. Alone in the darkness, the multi-sensory elements engulf each participant. The strange mass experiment sees audiences slip into a collective dream state to explore the dark recesses of their own mind.

Image: Coma by Mihaela Bodlovic

Back in January, the PH team visited COMA and experienced the multi-sensory overflow themselves.

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The FLIGHT shipping container has had the economy section of a real plane installed. The experience takes passengers through two worlds, two realities and two possible outcomes to their journey. There are many worlds in which the plane lands safely…

Image: Flight by Realscape Productions

“It’s always a pleasure bringing the DARKFIELD shipping containers back to Perth,” said Nathan Alexander, producer at Realscape Productions. “The day we closed the shows at FRINGE WORLD, we were instantly in talks to bring the shows back as soon as we possibly could. It was a no-brainer – the energy and enthusiasm Perth audiences bring to our shows was something we couldn’t wait to experience again.”

In the two short weeks that the shipping container experiences were open in January, over 7,000 Western Australian attendees were game enough to be plunged into themes of fear and anxiety in complete darkness.

Realscape Productions’ Amy Johnson said, “Tickets to FLIGHT and COMA flew out the door in January, and thousands of people missed out, even before the shows closed. While our capacity will be higher than it was in January, we suggest booking early so you don’t miss out.”

In both FLIGHT and COMA, a strange world is built from 360 degree binaural sound that perplexes the senses, deepening the immersion by casting doubt on what is real and what is imagined. Loss of vision heightens the remaining senses, making them vulnerable to manipulation.

COMA and FLIGHT will run frequently at various times from Tuesday – Sunday at Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge, from 20 May – 20 June, 2021.

COMA and FLIGHT run for 30 minutes. Tickets start at $22.50 and are available at

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Feature Image By: Mihaela Bodlovic