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By Anastasia Antrobus

As soon as the teasers started emerging from the Secret Suppera team on the ‘Children of the 80’s’ I knew I wanted to see this show! Having been raised on all things 80’s from the likes of Whitney Houston to dancing it out to ‘Footloose’ and getting immersed in David Bowie’s ‘The Labyrinth’ (thank you Mum), I was eager to see what the sell-out success team of 2019 would bring to the table for this season of Fringe and I was not disappointed.


Starting off with a bang, the troupe of dancers came out decked in full costumes representing all of our 80’s favourites; Prince, Cher, Madonna, Elton John. They were full of energy and smiles and it was easy to see that they were ready to give the crowd an amazing night of entertainment!

The effort of the performers and team behind the scenes could not be faulted. Coming from a dancer’s background, I personally knew just how much work, time and sweat this cast would have put in to this 2 hour+ performance. The troupe were of a younger age group but this did not stop them from putting their best foot forward in ensuring the crowd was amused and enjoying themselves.

The 80’s theme was followed to a tee when it came to the dinner menu. A prawn cocktail entree and of course a TV dinner main that consisted of a well-cooked juicy chicken kiev, green beans with a balsamic glaze and creamy mashed potato. Closed out with a sprinkled candy topped trifle was a sure way to end the 3-course dinner in true 80’s style.


Drinks are not included in the $110 ticket price and are to be purchased at the beginning of the show by obtaining tokens, so be sure to stock up prior as the EFTPOS machine comes around periodically during the show. It is also worth noting that the show doesn’t occur while eating your 3-course meals. Breaks are had and the performers come in character to interact with you and your company so be sure to get involved!

The Immersive Dinner is packed with pizzazz and animation from start to finish! It will have you dancing, laughing, applauding and reminiscing about all things 1980’s. You will feel nostalgic as the performers move across the floor to the King of Pop’s ‘Thriller’, workout to Olivia Newton John’s ‘Let’s get physical’ and nail a perfect enactment of ‘Dirty Dancing’s’ classic lift.

It really is an exemplary performance of an iconic era.

As Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) would say in ‘Ghostbusters’:

‘They came, we saw, they kicked ass!’

Okay so I slightly changed the words but you get what I mean. If you grew up and love all things 1980’s then you won’t want to miss this!

Well done ‘Secret Supper’ Team! I cannot wait to see what you come up with for 2021’s Fringe Season.


Duration: 135 min 

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Restricted)

Venue: Perth Town Hall - 601 Hay Street

Season: 17th - 24th January 2020

Purchase tickets here