Seashells Mandurah – The Perfect Accommodation

Seashells Mandurah – The Perfect Accommodation

The ‘staycation’ is getting quite popular around Perth. A staycation is a local choosing accommodation that is not a long drive, in fact you are generally staying in your own town, but you are in a hotel and away from ‘normal life.’ When looking for my latest staycation, Seashells Mandurah was the obvious choice for me, and here is why.

Running a business from home can be stressful and often I just want to getaway. Living 40 minutes north of Perth CBD means that anything beyond the city is a good distance from home to me and feels like a holiday. The best place for me to go, which in all honesty is my favourite, is Mandurah. Well over an hour from me, it feels like I’m on a break, it is beachside and a spectacular spot.

Before choosing where to go for this break I needed to find the following-

1. Spa (non-negotiable). Not one for all the guests, one in my room.
2. Beach views. I needed that ability to connect with nature and feel like I was actually on holiday, and;
3. Be near some awesome restaurants/cafes/attractions

I looked far and wide for accommodation that matched this criterion and I was super excited when I found Seashells Mandurah.

Image from Seashells Mandurah Facebook

We decided on our two-night stay, chose the room, which was self-contained,  and were lucky as this was the last one available.

When we arrived I thought, oh this looks fantastic. Gated, free parking for my car and a beach view villa. I was certainly correct, this was great, but from the outside the villas look nice, but inside they are SO much bigger and accomodating than I expected. When I walked into the kitchen I was so excited that I straight up could see the beach. It was right there in front of me and actually, excluding some sections of the bathroom, you could see the beach from everywhere in the villa. With the sliding doors to the deck open, you could even hear the crashing of the waves.

Our Accommodation

First up, the kitchen. Huge white, clean, bright. Hidden fridge, hidden dishwasher, all the amenities you need and really generous sizing for a two-person self-contained. You then step down to the dining area/living room. The decor was a gorgeous teal colour and the couch was super comfortable in an L shape.

We then went back to the bathroom to check out the spa, which was so HUGE! There was space for two people very comfortably and enough for one person to be completely submerged and relax (even if you are 174cm and have a tummy like me!). It is safe to say that I spent at least a third of my time at Seashells Mandurah in the spa, because yes you can see and hear the ocean from there and relaxation was my goal.

Our bed was a huge King and so very comfortable. I think this is another perk of the staycation – sleeping in a huge bed and not needing to rush to get up. There is a coffee machine in the villa which made the mornings even easier.

Through the bedroom, you step down into the lounge area again which takes you through to the deck. This deck was one of my favourite features of the villa. We had moderately cloudy days, but we made the most of it. There were two lounge chairs that faced the ocean that were private from the other villas direct line of sight. There is literally only around thirty steps between you and the beach, and can you imagine on a sunny day how amazing it would be to just grab your towel and run into the ocean? Heavenly.

One of the aspects I loved was that there was a public path between our deck and the ocean. I’m an extrovert so chatting to random people is something I love. As I was sitting there with my book, glass of wine and blanket, people were walking by, saying hello with brief chatting. It was so very relaxing.

Another aspect that is unique to Seashells Mandurah is their free on-demand movies. Day one we came home from a huge dinner and just wanted to chill out so we watched Avengers: End Game which is a new movie off the big screen. I was so excited as I had been wanting to see it for so long! With the weather being a little average it was the perfect time to take full advantage of these.

Other features of Seashells Mandurah that we unfortunately did not get to experience because of said weather, and a desire to stay indoors, was their outdoor infinity pool and tennis court. It was amazing to know the pool is heated to 26 degrees year-round so it’s swimmable in the cooler months too, which we will definitely do on our next visit. They also have an on-site Day Spa, but I was too busy enjoying our accommodation and some fab company that I didn’t get a chance to check that out either! You know a venue is looking after their guests when you want to relax in the room.

Having stayed at other places in Mandurah, it is very safe to say that this was our favourite. The location, the customer service, the venue, the FREE WIFI and the fact that Seashells is a locally owned Perth business makes this our go-to accommodation in Mandurah. In fact, we are already planning our summer getaway!

Seashells also has venues all over W.A which we can’t wait to check out- for more info head here.

Thank you so much Seashells for such a relaxing and peaceful stay. We will be back.

Seashells Mandurah – the perfect accomodation

Seashells Mandurah – the perfect accomodation

Seashells Mandurah – the perfect accomodation

Seashells Mandurah – the perfect accommodation

Seashells Mandurah – the perfect accomodation

Tennis court (Gareth Thomas and Shaye Lewis)

16 Dolphin Dr, Mandurah WA 6210

+61 8 9550 3000