DARKFIELD’s spine-tingling SÉANCE arrives in Mandurah this Summer!

SÉANCE season on Mandurah’s Eastern Foreshore
runs Friday 8 Dec 2021 to Sunday 9 Jan 2022.

SÉANCE takes place inside a 40ft shipping container in pitch darkness with each audience member wearing a set of noise cancelling headphones. Deprived of their vision, the intense 360-degree audio creates a soundscape that will have them questioning their own sense of reality.

The experience explores the psychology of a group of people bombarded with suggestible material. It asks the audience to believe, not only in what seems to be happening in the room, but also in what might be conjured up.

SÉANCE runs for 20 minutes, and will run frequently at various times at the Southern end of the Eastern Foreshore, Mandurah Terrace, from Friday 8 Dec 2021 to Sunday 9 Jan 2022. Ticket prices are $20, available from www.darkfield.com.au.

Note: SÉANCE is not suitable for those under 13. Check content warnings before purchase of tickets.

Credit: Realscape Productions in association with Darkfield.