With flying being so expensive, and two years into most of us “completing” Netflix, maybe it’s time to head back to the actual cinema to discover something exciting and new, luckily the Japanese Film festival flys in to Perth this month.

The Japanese film festival has been presented by the Japan Foundation since the late 90s and every year it tours cities to promote a taste of Japanese cinema to Aussie audiences.

In 2022, it lands at the Palace Cinema in Raine Square for one week from 21-27 November.
It’s exciting because there looks to be something for everyone. History buffs and those looking for a light laugh alike will enjoy Dreaming of the Meridian Arc, a witty retelling of Japanese History.

People that love drama will love Intolerance with its intricate portrayals of the behaviour and psychology of people caught between a rock and a hard place.

Adrenaline junkies will go for the thriller Baby Assasins, or Lessons in Murder.

Baby assasins. A girl in a white skirt stands facing us with a gun whilst three other girls have their backs to us. Japanese Film Festival, Perth 2022
Baby Assasins

And those of us drawn to cartoons, a character trait I am unashamed of, will probably find our solace in ANIME SUPREMACY!  If that is not enough, there’s a coming of age animation called Blue Thermal, about college students that become devoted to competetive gliding.

four japanese actors stand in front of anime cartoons.
Anime Supremacy

If that’s not covering all bases, I’m not sure what is. There’s even documentaries.

In fact, at the 26th Japansese Film festival, there’s 35 film screenings, all in a week.

Keen soybeans will be able to find sneaks and peaks on the festival instagram.

We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the rich culture of Japan, all from the comfort of the gorgeous Palace Raine Square.

Japanese Film Festival, Palace Cinema, Raine Square, Perth.

For a full programme look here and to book tickets, visit the website.

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