Adapted from a novel of the same name, Un Amor tells the story of Natalia, a young woman who moves to a remote country town hoping to rebuild her life.

Natalia’s new home town makes her feel instant discomfort. Her home is falling down around her, her cruel landlord is aggressive and cruel. Meanwhile, the neighbours continuously overstep boundaries, forcing her into uncomfortable situations.

Her neighbour known as ‘The German’ offers to fix her leaking ceiling in exchange for sex, and initially Natalia is disgusted. Yet, she questions her desire to connect and find intimacy and finally gives in to the unsettling proposition.

She soon finds herself embarking on an unlikely affair while navigating life in a small town where everyone knows your business. The sexual relationship is transactional for The German, but eventually, Natalia finds herself desperate for his attention. As she tries to force him into a deeper relationship, he becomes more aggressive, finally ending it. This sends Natalia spiralling out of control.

Award winning director Isabel Coixet uses cinematography effectively, creating a sense of hostility and discomfort that underpins the entire film. The sparseness of the township and surrounding mountains capture the emotional exhaustion Natalia experiences. The film also uses flashbacks of Natalia’s previous job as a refugee interpreter, juxtaposed to her storyline of the present day, to highlight how the abuse and the degradation of women comes in various forms.

This movie will keep the viewer thinking long after it’s over. It’s complex and disturbing, yet liberating in an unconventional way.

Un Amor is playing at the HSBC Family Film Festival from 15th June. Book your tickets here.