I was wiping  the tears from my eyes after attending The Perth Comedy Gala last night at the Regal Theatre!

Before welcoming the other acts to the stage, our charismatic, Lebanese- American host, Nemr, put us all in hysterics. After introducing himself as Tiger (Arabic translation), Nemr encountered a heckler in the audience named Cat, and feline jokes ensued.

Recognisable by his healthy head of wavy hair, Josh Pue, was another international highlight. The British comedian spoke of his “new” son. “I became a dad 18months ago, he’s 9 years old but I just decided getting involved now”. Hearing him talk about being a dad and his ADHD was hilarious and made him very relatable.

The acts seemed to only get better throughout the night. One stand-out that had the whole room CRYING with laughter was Danielle Walker from Townsville. She had a slow build up but her timid persona kept us intrigued.

She began her set by telling us about her hospital visit to remove gall stones. It was so well told that as the tales of her awkward encounters with the nurse got progressively worse, they got progressively funnier. She was told, seemingly, by another nurse, that after her operation she would have to let out ‘a very big fart’. As this fart can be dangerous and cause her to pass out, she was told that she must let a nurse know by ringing the bell. So she troubled an elderly female nurse that evening by ringing the bell and let out a huge fart, leaving the nurse puzzled and confused. Some time later, after being discharged, she asked a friend if she ‘did the thing’. Her friend said she had no such instruction by a nurse. At this point, Danielle realised she was pranked by her uncle.

By the end of it, there was not one dry eye in the house and I had cramps from laughing so hard. It was a brilliant night and the Regal Theatre is a great place to watch some great comedy.