Have you accidentally touched your elf this Christmas?

Don’t worry! You can fix your wrongs and wrinkles with kitchen tongs and sprinkles.

Well, thank Mrs Claus for that! 

Hidden away in a lonely side street of Balcatta, The Elf Factory is hard at work, creating magical memories for all the family.

It’s nearly Christmas time, and this tiny little theatre is offering an interactive festive experience, jam-packed with kids’ craft activities, games, role play and dress ups, as well as the main attraction, a mini movie called My Alf has Lost His Shelf.

Made right here in Perth by Stir Films and The Book Big Productions, the film stars local talent, 10-year-old Tayla Campbell, and deals with serious issues around body consent and boundaries through a light-hearted story about an elf who is accidentally touched and really doesn’t like it.

Writer, Desiree Wolter’s debut film is relatable, cute, and has a distinctly Aussie flavour, making it a must-see experience for parents and children alike. Come away with some Elf on the Shelf ideas too. Winning!

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