It might be cooling down in Perth (yes, 20c in the west IS cold), but that didn’t stop comedy seekers from coming out in force to see Dave Thornton’s Nothing’s Unpossible at the Rechabite on Friday night.

The sold-out show had the audience enraptured from beginning to end. Thornton seamlessly wove together a collection of mismatched but also, somehow perfectly complementary jokes and anecdotes.

Propriety was left at the door, along with the chill, and we were all so much better off for it. Whilst I wouldn’t say that any of the content of the show was particularly controversial, it was honest and real in a way that isn’t often encouraged in modern day society. And isn’t that half the fun of live comedy? Being able to laugh about all the crap that’s happening in our lives (that we usually have to suffer in silence through) all while thinking, “ahh, so that’s why you’re not allowed to take videos..”.

My favourite thing about the show was how relatable it all was. Not the part about being a forty something year old man living in a trendy, Melbourne suburb (for me anyway), but the parts about trying to navigate these complex and confusing as heck times as the “in between” generation. As the parent of young children, it’s always a comfort to hear other people’s horror stories of their kids shouting phallic words at daycare and running around the house mid defecation. Nothing makes a parent happier than the realisation that its not just their kids who run wild!

If you’re keen for a night of 90s nostalgia, human engineered dogs, bad accents, and hilarious parenting fails, make sure you go check out Nothing’s Unpossible. I promise, you will not be disappointed!