I admit, it’s been over two years since I stepped foot in a movie theatre and until last night, I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed it.

My re-introduction couldn’t have been with a more perfect movie.

Grand Cinemas Warwick screened the premiere of Hugh Jackman’s latest project Reminiscence last night and I was lucky to have scored a ticket. Perhaps a little bias because I am somewhat of a Jackman fan but this movie had it all. Jackman delivered his finest yet again and the story managed to trigger every human emotion at some point throughout. I found myself involuntarily holding my breath on more than a few occasions.

Based primarily on the outskirts of a fictionally submerged Miami, this Sci-Fi thriller tells the tale of Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), a scientist come-investigator of the mind who creates a way for clients to relive their memories. After the waters broke and plunged a futuristic Miami underwater, the warring began and there seemed to be nothing left to look forward to. Without a promise of a happy tomorrow, people started looking back and revisiting the past instead. For Bannister, it’s life as he knows it until an alluring new client, Mae (Rebecca Ferguson) walks in. Nick loses himself in love but it’s not long until his love is lost and Mae mysteriously disappears.

What unfolds is a dangerous chase of lost and found as he uncovers a conspiracy fuelled by love, fear, death and destruction while investigating Mae’s disappearance. How far would you go for love or in this case, for the memory of it?

If you decide to go (which I highly recommend) don’t go in remotely tired because you need to pay attention. Not that I found the story particularly hard to follow but it’s a gutsy film and a lot goes on. The way I like to give a yay or a nay to a film is by asking myself if I’d watch it again. So, would I? Absolutely yes I would and not just because I’m a Hugh(e) Jackman fan either but because it was a great film with a unusual and clever story.