Transform your daily bathroom routine into an act of luxurious self-care by learning to make your own bespoke bath goods at Batherapy. A welcoming Maylands business, Batherapy welcomes people of all ages to relax, with local artisan goods in their front giftshop and the back of the store dedicated to workshops.

Perfectly suited for beginners wanting to try a creative, pampering session, Batherapy is your easy solution to learn something new – all without having to buy all the ingredients and equipment yourself. From beautifully scented bath bombs, shower steamers, artisan soaps to 100% soy candles, you can try different blends of high-grade ingredients. With top quality equipment such as individual candle blenders, you can sit and watch your personalized soap be combined without a mess.

Batherapy Perth creative workshops

For those worried about your skin, such as allergies or eczema, you don’t need to stress as Batherapy uses only natural ingredients to boost your skin. You can pick and choose the ingredients every step of the way – from your fragrant essential oil scents, mica powders for colour and even decorate and select your perfect container. For most, within the hour, depending on your chosen bath good, you can easily make something beautiful to take home. Throughout the workshop, there’s plenty of instruction and small guides if you’re not sure what to do. Afterwards, if you need to wait for your chosen bath good to set, there are plenty of Maylands cafés and artisan shops to enjoy. For those pieces that take longer, you can pick them up another day, or you have your pieces personally mailed as part of an extra service that Batherapy provides.

With business owner, Tracey Jewel’s expertise, Batherapy’s customized workshops are run with her knowledge of creating a warm community for 20 years. Whether you’re an individual indulging in a new hobby, or part of a hen’s party having some afternoon fun, Tracey goes out of her way to make you comfortable. She’ll answer all your questions, suggest scent and colour pairings, and you never need to worry as the workshops are designed to make everything simple and easy. With Tracey’s past of having her own Fremantle stall, to leading corporate group self-care sessions, the newly furnished Batherapy is her pride and joy. Her belief is that by taking care of ourselves, such as nourishing our energy with a welcoming space and creativity, we’ll create a rippling positive effect to our loved ones around us.

If you’re looking to try a new workshop and walk out feeling refreshed after being surrounded by heavenly scents, attending a workshop at Batherapy would be perfect for you. A female run business that’s focused on taking care of ourselves – Batherapy would be good for your mother, a girl friend needing a boost, or for a fun afternoon by yourself. You can even enjoy Batherapy’s workshops from home with their home packages, that can be sent right to you. Perfect for team building or as a family activity, all you need to use a Batherapy self-care kit is a stove top, as everything you need would be inside your care package.

Not sure what to do during Easter school holiday break or prepping for Mother’s Day? Check out their schedule – they’ve got some new workshops that are quickly filling up! Our recommendation: Batherapy’s Astrology Candle Making Special.

1/43-53 Eighth Ave
WA  6151

Retail Hours:

Friday: 12pm-5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 10am-4pm

Batherapy Perth creative workshops