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“Welcome to RAILED, a western themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiselled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the Head First Acrobats.
Prepare yourself for when bare chested circus meets bare knuckle bar fights. A racy, heart stopping display of the finest acrobatics by the most ridiculous story tellers in the circus.” 

Oh Railed, you have made my Fringe 2020.

From the posters you may think you’re going to see four men, bare-chested, doing some acrobatic stuff with a sexy saunter. Well I’m here to say, you are 100% correct. It oh-so lives up to expectations of Yee-Haw Magic Mike vibes. There was most certainly moments that I forgot where I was and was just mesmerised by the cast. What I loved about Railed however is it is SO much more than that.

The show was funny. The guys were able to create a joke and bring the tension, drop us in hysterics but keep it going. They were able to tell a story. Many subplots actually, and these were all done with VERY minimal talking. All dance, expression and action. The cast is so charismatic with nods and winks and cheeky grins to keep your focus directly on them.

The strength and skills of these gents is astounding. This was demonstrated with some acrobatics that need to be left to the experts. Railed will have you on the edge of your seat, your toes tapping, have you wondering how on earth a unicorn became sexual and if you should have renewed that gym membership! If you only see one Fringe show this season, make it Railed.

On a note that is aside from the review– there were audience members who were screaming at the cast in a sexually harassing way. I was surprised by this behaviour and know that if the roles were reversed and men were screaming at women at a burlesque show to ‘take it off,’ they would be escorted out. The Railed boys are hot. The Burlesque girls are hot. Both have a sexy undertone as a show- these are performers. I am sure whistling and clapping and committing their acts to memory is encouraged, but come on Perth- we are better than that.

Duration: 55 min

The Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square

Suitability and warnings: 18+ (Recommended)

Runs until 9th Feb 2020 (excluding Monday 3rd) 

Get your tickets here