There is no shortage of empowering and successful businesswomen in Perth – and the Managing Director of Quickmail, Sophie Stott, is exactly that.

If you’ve ever wondered how your online shopping gets to you, that’s where businesses like Quickmail come into play!

As one of Perth’s trusted fulfilment centres, Quickmail helps businesses both big and small with their mailing, eCommerce, warehousing and distribution needs. In this way, Quickmail gives clients more freedom to concentrate on their core business – making them the unsung heroes of the local business community. So those new pair of shoes you bought online may have been processed by their team before getting to your doorstep!

                                                                                                                                           Quickmail Managing Director Sophie Stott

Since taking over as Quickmail’s Managing Director in 2007, Sophie has put in the hard yards to modernise the business and pivot it towards even greater heights. In fact, it was in 1992 that Sophie’s father, Jean Paul Tedeschi, found the business and rebranded. Traditionally, Quickmail has always been a mail house centering around bulk mail distribution including direct mail and letterbox drops (unaddressed mail). Yet, with the emergence of eCommerce and the decline of mailing came the need to evolve.

As a family-owned and operated company, Sophie’s continuation of the legacy has not only helped Quickmail retain its authenticity, but also its prioritisation of customer service. In the last 3 years, Sophie and the team have also built their fulfilment and distribution capabilities to serve their customers better. Selflessly, Sophie and her team also share their knowledge on mailing and eCommerce through free E-books – which anyone can access on their website.

Now a seven-figure company, Quickmail looks after over 30 clients, ranging from marketing agencies to government departments. The business is run by a dedicated team who work hard and operate all kinds of machinery – like inserting machines, plastic wrapping machines and folding machines – to allow their clients to run their businesses smoothly every day.

The secret to clients’ success? It’s making sure her staff are happy.

As Sophie says, “We ensure Quickmail is a place where people love working. Here, we practice gratitude. Every fortnight, our team has a stand-up meeting where we go round the room and thank others in the team that have helped us!”

In short, when it comes to supporting local businesses, it can be easy to forget about ones don’t have a shopfront or aren’t immediately visible – but this doesn’t mean that those behind-the-scenes don’t deserve our appreciation. Beyond that, the incredible efforts of boss women like Sophie should never go unnoticed.

So if you’re a business owner looking to expand your business, Quickmail might just be a friend. As a Bulk Mail Partner with Australia Post, the quality of Quickmail’s mailing work is high and their turnaround times are quick. This, plus their great advice, make them a great fit for any growing eCommerce business.

Whether it’s helping you optimise your savings with mailing and distribution or taking care of third-party logistics, let Sophie and her team point you in the right direction!