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By Bec Hyland

After reading many amazing reviews we were super excited to see this award-winning comedy and circus variety show… and we weren’t disappointed. The husband and wife duo was charismatic, funny and had the skills to boot.

Purple People is brought to you by ZAP CIRCUS, a proudly West Australian owned & operated Contemporary Circus Company. They are Western Australia’s only Internationally and Nationally award-winning Fire & Circus Performance company.

I took my children as well as my parents – giving us an age range of 6 – 75 years and everyone was kept entertained! Using a clever mix of comedy, sound effects and stunts, they wowed and engaged with the whole audience.

In the words of an eight year old, “I didn’t like any of the show, I loved all of it’”

Rusty’s playful sense of humour got the crowd going and the hula hooping was next level – I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hula hoop a hoop up their body (I’m adding that one to my life goals), or hula hoop as many at one time or on as many different parts of their body, it was very impressive.

This is a real feel-good performance, with juggling, humour, acrobatics and fire. It’s the perfect show for the whole family.

Duration: 50 min

Suitability and warnings: PG - All (General)

Venue: Big Top – The Woodside Pleasure Garden

Season: 21-25, 29-31 Jan, 1-2 Feb @ 6pm

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