Instagram Reel: Custom Content



Discover a unique opportunity for your brand with a custom “Instagram Reel” by Perth Happenings, a leading Instagram platform with over 66,503 followers and an impressive reach of 80,000+ people.

Your Reel will feature a crafted 75-word copy, boosted with up to 4 targeted hashtags and two tags to ensure the maximum engagement.

Inclusively, Perth Happenings will deliver this service on-site, attending your event or business (within 20 kms of Perth CBD) to record authentic content first-hand.

The Reel, after 2 rounds of client-approved amendments, will go live on the feed for a minimum of 21 days, providing a lasting impact.

For seamless scheduling, a 4-week lead time is preferred, alternatively, feel free to email to confirm availability.

Propel your reach with Perth Happenings today!

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