Captivated from the first second, Prismatic had us all transported into a dreamscape karaoke bar where each performer had a story to tell. Giving too much away about this show would be a disservice; the beauty comes within the unpredictability and raw emotion. Three monologues, three excellent portrayals of characters that I feel as though I already knew, and three emotionally charged and disarming situations.

Throughout, each of the three actors bought a beautiful, personal, and emotional performance to well written work. The technical aspects of this show shone through, lighting and ambient music adding greatly to the atmosphere and creating a believable situation- transported into the Prismatic Karaoke Bar, captured by the sensations within. In such an intimate setting, each word resonated with us all, audible gasps and hearty laughter filled the room at each burst of passion, the up close and personal environment adding to the suspension of disbelief that you are present in the moment, this is not just a show, and each moment is sincere.

Prismatic was not the show I was prepared to see- its comedy label is well deserved, but the drama that flies alongside truly makes this work great. Thought provoking, the audience is torn between laughing at the seemingly one dimensional classic bar personalities, and hanging on to each word of the actor as they dive deeper into their psyche and attitudes, making for a well paced, well written work of which I would definitely recommend to others.

Tim Lorian, writer, director and actor has created a piece that is disarming, poignant and full of wit. An artist best known for his ‘outrageous characters and genre-blending experiments’, this show made me excited to see what he has in store next in his career.