By Liam Crighton

When we think of places that produce young and influential fashion designer labels, cities like New York, London & Los Angeles come to mind. However, over the years our very own city of Perth has become a force in the fashion industry to be reckoned with. From sustainable style to runway-ready looks, we will have a look at some of the best young, up and coming Perth based fashion labels whose collections have become Australian favourites and international bestsellers.

Here are our top four influential labels you should keep an eye on:

Coercion Collective by Calvin Coelho

If you don’t know Calvin Coelho, you absolutely should. With Coercion being the Northern Suburbs based designers second fashion label, it has become a frequent name in the Perth high-end streetwear scene. With pieces being worn by international artists such as Gold link, its influence within the wider community has spread with many shoots now taking place abroad in Los Angeles and Asia. With the label’s classic minimalistic aesthetic and attention to detail often echoing a subtle political statement or pop culture message, it is no wonder this label has made it on our top four.


Poppy Lissiman

Poppy Lissiman’s sunglasses have found a gilded home, on the nose’s of Hollywood royalty.  From Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski to Bella Hadid. These stars have fallen for Lissiman’s unique style, while her fashion-forward bags can often be seen on the shoulder of top international models sprawled across magazines, this designer has contributed greatly in putting Perth on the fashion map.


Hickey Hardware 

Hickey Hardware is Sport/Resort wear for all genders in comfort cuts, flamboyant prints and relaxing colours. With roots in Fremantle, this label has created its own version of functional fashion. With some of the most unique, eclectic, out of this world designs and prints you will ever see. Its no wonder this forward-thinking brand has collaborated with the equally quirky Alex hotel in Perth city, designing and fitting out their lobby in all custom finishings.

Shondel The Label

With Shondel slowly becoming the must-have vacation wear brand this summer, it’s hardly surprising that most pieces are only available by pre-order. After the label recently received major publicity from style icon and celebrity, Kylie Jenner, by wearing one of the label’s pieces on a recent holiday, the demand and awareness for this dynamic and fashion-forward brand has skyrocketed. This huge jump bringing a great deal of positive attention towards Perth & its ever-growing fashion community.

With all four labels unique and divine in their own right, it’s easy to see how these youthful brands are contributing greatly to Perth, whether it’s through their sustainable product development or them, showcasing Perth from an international perspective. With most of these designers being young adults, it’s so inspiring to see that all it takes is a dream, motivation and some local support and the world can be any small business owners oyster.

Comment and let us know who YOUR Fave local young designers are!

Feature Image Credit: @michelledomingos via Shondel Facebook Page