By Anastasia Antrobus

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience being launched down a racetrack so fast, that if you were to blink, you would miss it? Well, now you can!

Located at Perth’s Motorplex Kwinana Beach, Quarter Mile Drag Racing is an experience like no other. It is a racetrack built for adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers, being the ONLY place in the Southern Hemisphere where you get to experience a multi-seat drag race ride! Known for being faster than a formula 1 vehicle (yes, they had Daniel Ricardo come and verse them himself), you are hurled down the track at lightning speed (100kmh) in just under two seconds! With 2.7G of force behind you, the feeling you get during the ride is hard to explain but you are more than encouraged by the team to try!

Originally these vehicles were purpose-built in the USA and imported to Australia. Quarter Mile Drag Racing here in Perth is the only place to have two of these race cars with there being only another 4 in the world, which is pretty impressive in itself if you ask me. The two vehicles that the crew have here in Perth were shipped over from Sydney when they opened Quarter Mile Drag Racing in 2018.

Quarter Mile Drag Perth

Upon arrival, the team were absolutely thrilled, as the only other place you get to experience a ride such as this, is in Las Vegas, where the cars run low 8 second ¼ times at over 250kmh. Kyle Putland (10 years’ experience) and Al Mcclure (30 years’ experience) are the two drivers of Quarter Mile Drag Racing. With over 40 years’ experience between them, you know you’re in great hands when it comes to setting foot on the track. Having both loved drag racing for as long as they can remember, Quarter Mile was created because they wanted to give people the opportunity to experience the first-hand acceleration and G-Force that comes with the ride, as well as getting to see the excitement on people’s faces!

So, if you have someone in your life that loves all things adrenaline and thrill-seeking then you are definitely going to A) want to tell them about Quarter Mile Drag Racing and/or B) get them a pretty amazing birthday or Christmas present surprise! Once you sign up to go on a Quarter Mile Drag Racing ride, what awaits you is an experience that starts with meeting the race crew at the Kwinana Motorplex where you can have a free photo with the drivers and take a walk of the track. While soaking it all in trackside, the crew will prepare you with all the information you need (safety requirements included) for the ride of your life!

You will then be suited up in the proper Drag Racing attire (think Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels) and then strapped into a 3-seater Dragster by a professional crew member. From there, all I can say is… hang on! You experience a loud, smoke creating, full-throttle burnout! You know, to give you that taste of being a real drag racer before the crew reverse back, complete a final visor check and then propel you down the track at a speed I can guarantee you have never felt before! Brace yourself Perth because Quarter Mile Drag Racing is an experience not to be missed!

The season for Quarter Mile Drag Racing has begun (started in September) and you can book today by emailing: or calling 0422 982 482.

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Written in collaboration with Quarter Mile Drag Racing.

Written in 2019 and Updated in Dec 2022.