By Jo Newman

Hey Perth!

Are you ready to up your Instagram game in 2020?

Yep, today I’m taking you on a tour of all things Instagram and our fabulous city!  Where to go, what to shoot and when!

Since we started Perth Happenings, you guys have shared almost 150,000 pics to our hashtag #perthhappenings!  Seems you love the Insta game as much as we do.

It’s been hard to narrow it down to just these spots and if you think we’ve missed any then let us know… we can make this an ongoing series! But, for now, get your phones out, selfie sticks and filters at the ready and start exploring!

In no particular order, take a look at Perth’s most Instagrammable spots …


1. The Containbow 

This incredible art piece has attracted so much attention since it was installed as a welcome statement to Fremantle, and it’s easy to see why!

Created by local artist Marcus Canning, it’s a series of sea containers which was commissioned by the City of Fremantle in 2016.

The nine containers seemingly float mid-air to make a 10m high rainbow arch which spans 19m in length and weighs a staggering 66 tonnes.

Say hello at Beach Reserve, just off Canning Highway, near the old Fremantle traffic bridge.   Best parking is down by the river and as you walk up the hill, look for this cute little sign, not that you need it really as this Insta-worthy rainbow is HUGE!



2. 140 Perth

Our city is full of Insta-goodness and 140 Perth has so much of it!  Look up and you’ll see the amazing art by Nike Savvas called “Rapture” located in Postal Place.  Look around and you’ll see heaps of murals, colour and fun.  If food is your thing you’re spoiled for choice with heaps of eateries nearby serving up the pretty.

Say hello at 140 Perth, down Railway Lane off Murray St Mall, Perth CBD.



3. Greens and Co Cafe

This Leederville cafe is an institution in Perth, and not just because of its great coffee, comfy couches and fab cakes.  Look around and you’ll see it’s an eclectic discovery of retro and recycled goodness, just begging for many gram-worthy shots.  The lanterns and re-purposed plastic light bins on the ceiling are amazing, all walls are covered in posters and there are collectables and kitsch sitting above computer games and pool tables.  Even the walk upstairs to the toilets is worthy of a cool gram shot!

Say hello at 123 Oxford St, Leederville.


4. Crawley Edge Boatshed

OK, do you even live in Perth if you haven’t seen this on the gram, or better yet, snapped it for your gram?  Enough said on this one.  It’s so popular that the City of Perth recently announced they’d be installing a toilet nearby to keep up with the hoards of people who wait (sometimes for hours) to take a pic of this.  It’s perfectly gram-worthy at sunrise, sunset or the middle of the day and sometimes even changes colours which means repeat visits are welcomed!

Say hello at Mounts Bay Road, at the base of Kings Park.


5. Cottesloe Beach pylon 

OK, anywhere along our gorgeous coastline is totally Insta-worthy but the Cottesloe Beach pylon has a special place in our hearts (and hashtags)!  The pylon was built in 1935 and while Instagram wasn’t around back then, this heritage-listed structure has sure had its share of gram glory since.

The beach is perfect at sunrise or sunset so head along and try to capture the colours of the sky as it dances around this pretty spot.

Say hello at Marine Parade, Cottesloe, near the Indiana Tea House.


6. Cottesloe swing

You may have seen photos of the Bali swing, but did you know that we have a similar one for you to re-create those fun action shots a little closer to home?    This swing is just a short stroll from the pylon along Cottesloe Beach, heading towards Fremantle.   Time it so the sun is setting to get that perfect silhouette shot!


7. Perth skyline

Capture our fab city in all its glory from the banks of the Swan River in South Perth.  Morning, daytime, sunset or night shots all work wonderfully here.  If you can time it so that the water is flat and the reflections are strong then even better!  Imagine the fireworks here for Australia Day #instagoodness!

Say hello at the South Perth foreshore, anywhere from Sir James Mitchell Park, South Perth Esplanade Reserve, Mill Point Reserve and Clydesdale Reserve.


8. Connect South – Mindeerup 

While you’re in South Perth, check out the new-look Mends Street Jetty piazza and have your cameras at the ready.

The area has been newly developed and is called Mindeerup (a traditional Noongar name meaning ‘place of the shore’) and plays host to a number of new Insta-worthy installations.

There’s a giant frilled neck lizard and numbat, as well as meerkats, emus and other fun sculptures to pose with.

Nighttime looks especially great, particularly as the massive circular suspended chandelier lights up the space and changes colours.

Say hello at the Mends Street Jetty foreshore, South Perth.


9. Art, art and more art

Perth has so many amazing murals which are perfect for the gram.  I shared my top 20 in this blog and this one is one of my faves.  The wall is awesome and there is a cool little built in seat for you to strike that perfect pose!  Plus, the floor…. LOOK. AT. THAT. FLOOR!  Thousands of bricks individually painted in pastel perfection and just begging for a pic.  The art n the wall and floor is by Tahnee Kelland who is a Mandurah local so be sure to credit her when you visit.

Say hello at the laneway next to Paper Planes Co, 5 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah.

10. Carousels at Perth Zoo and Elizabeth Quay 

Who doesn’t love a carousel shot?  And lucky for you, there are two permanent ones to choose from at the Perth Zoo and Elizabeth Quay.

The lights, detail and childhood fun just perfectly scream from these spots… get creative and snap yours as you ride along.

Got one or more to add to the list?  Tell us!  Tag us on social at #perthhappenings or leave a comment below.  Happy hunting and shooting guys.  We can’t wait to see your social captures of Perth’s most Instagrammable spots!

All photos here are copyright Jo Newman via @sayhellojo on Instagram.