Friends before business partners, Amy Chen (Bare and Wilde) and Kylie Falconer (Add Goodness) have been working hard over the past year to create something special for the Perth wellness space. From a range of stunning, soul-focused product boxes with online self-care rituals, to creating beautiful nourishing day retreats that allow the individual to really replenish their personal reserves. We were invited to their exclusive 9 person VIP launch to experience it all in person.

Add Goodness offers online and in studio classes to help you do, move, be, breathe and retreat. A place to learn new skills to soothe the nervous system, connect with yourself, and condition the body and mind.

Moving into the final months of the year, it is hard not to feel stretched thin with deadlines, holiday planning and the ramping up of Festive events. Entering the retreat space was instantly calming and we were greeted with yoga mats and VIP boxes for each of us. Over the course of the next few hours, I felt all of the stress release from my shoulders and my tension headache go! Exactly what you’re looking for in a retreat.

The Bare and Wilde beautifully packaged product box included their beautiful Allegra candle, affirmation quote cards, delicious gut friendly nibbles, plus a take home manifest oil roller with its lime and lemongrassy notes. While these products were used during the retreat, you can experience the retreat vibes for yourself as each product holds a QR code with a linked ritual to guide you through wherever you are in the world! Self care in an instant.


Add Goodness created space for us to get out of our heads and into our body with a blood-pumping Pilates class, taught by Pilates instructor, Em. Followed by Kelsee, a breathwork practitioner, we were invited to participate in an introductory breathwork session that was more challenging that I realised! While we know how to breathe instinctively, however mindful breathwork released mental and physical pressure after a long week.

Concluding the retreat, Sammi led a journalling session. We were enjoying some Bare and Wilde cacao while using these beautiful journals to talk to our inner selves more deeply. For those of you who feel like you’re torn in different directions, Sammi’s heart-led journalling is a great way to hone in on some areas in which we can take better care of ourselves.

“Until we find space to reflect upon our lives and the things that matter it can be challenging to appreciate what we have.

Sometimes it takes losing what we love or what we think we need to truly see what more our lives can offer us. In these time of uncertainty, make space to reflect on the beauty that surrounds you and prioritise making time to add good things back in to your life.”

A beautiful start to the weekend, or a gorgeous way to celebrate and love yourself, I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing start to Add Goodness retreats and the Bare and Wilde self-care range.

Now launched, make sure to check their offerings here.


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