Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear? Maybe life has changed – a new job, becoming a parent or even the fact that you have been holding onto clothes from your younger days; I’m pretty sure that sparkly, purple backless top isn’t going to be worn anytime soon.

Do you own clothes that don’t completely represent who you are anymore? Or simply just don’t know what your personal style even is anymore? In a style rut?

If you are screaming inside that’s ME then you need to check out Jessie Jolly – Perth personal stylist, transformation and Image consultant.

I recently had the opportunity to experience her Gold package service and had an amazing experience which I’ll share with you all.


First it starts with a meeting so Jessie can get to know more about you. She individually tailors the experience accordingly; she asks questions in regards to what you love, fashion or styles that really inspire you, your budget (if going on a shopping experience) and questions that really make you think about what you do and don’t like. While speaking to Jessie I realized that I had a distinct style that I gravitated towards and what items I was lacking in my current wardrobe. Namely black pants, I did not own one pair of black pants or really many pants in general, and lacked smart casual options since having Octavia a year ago and being on maternity leave.

Most often this initial consult is done face to face but she also offers an online option which I opted for. My style consult was over Zoom which as a busy mum was an incredible option to have. I was able to pop Octavia down for a nap and grab a cup of coffee to talk to Jessie about my current style and style goals, which allowed Jessie to get planning the really fun part – the shopping!


The following weekend I met up with Jessie to SHOP! On arrival I was greeted by Jessie with warmth and a huge smile, immediately it put me at ease – I love fashion but my body has changed since having my youngest, I was admitting a little nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect.

The beauty of having a stylist experience is that all the stress of shopping has been taken care of. Jessie has already done the hard work by carefully selecting pieces and putting them aside at each store before you arrive, this saves so much time and allows more time for actually trying on clothes and building a multitude of outfit options. Jessie took my lifestyle, body shape, style and other factors into account when deciding on the collections that she put together.

I tried on combinations of clothes that made full outfits and pieces that would work well with other items that we had tried or purchased already. Jessie is fun and passionate about fashion and making sure you walk away feeling great. Not every single piece of clothing will work, but that can result in some laughs while also helping the process. We discussed what we did and didn’t love about the piece, it actually helps to really define your personal style.

I went home with a multitude of new clothes to compliment my existing wardrobe and style and some new-found knowledge. I’m also happy to report that Jessie found me some new black pants, which accentuated my waist, were comfortable and versatile!

I found Jessie put me at ease, we had plenty of laughs and conversation while shopping. She has a genuine love and passion to help people find their confidence through the power of fashion and dressing to suit your individual lifestyle. Jessie can also work with all budgets so that you walk away with everything you need. I recommend this experience!


The Silver Package

The Wardrobe Edit. Create an array of new outfit possibilities that suit your body shape & individual style. Perfect for those with a wardrobe full of clothes, & nothing to wear

The Gold Package

The Shopping experience

Maximise your time & energy with a personalised shop to enhance your authentic style. Perfect for those who need a style or professional image update.

The Diamond Package:

A Total Transformation
Create, enhance & makeover your style with a bespoke wardrobe edit & Personalised Shop for ultimate style confidence & knowledge.

Perfect for those ready for a complete & curated wardrobe where each outfit authentically reflects you everyday.

This is an investment for yourself or an amazing present to gift to someone.

Having a wardrobe full of clothes that all work well together and buying items that make you feel empowered, beautiful and truly yourself, does not only do wonders for your confidence but also saves you money in the long run, say no more to the aimless buying or clothes that end up getting worn once.

Jessie gives you the tools and guidance to understand your personal style and put together stylish new outfits with the items you now already own, making her Perth Personal Stylist royalty.

Jessie has kindly offered our Perth Happenings readers 10% off all her packages – just mention Perth Happenings when you book in 2020!

For more information check out Jessie Jolly Personal Stylist HERE or on Instagram @jessiejollystylist

I’d love to know if you have ever had a personal stylist before or if you book with Jessie!

Feature Image Credit: Jessie Jolly personal stylist Facebook page