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We’ve all heard about the ominous mid-life crisis, where images of fast red sports cars, extravagant holidays – not just your standard dash from Perth to Bali – and people wearing clothes meant for those decades younger, cross our minds. But who else has been struck down lately with the anxiety-riddled quarter-life crisis (or the QLC, as I affectionally call him)?

This bad boy doesn’t wait until you’re in your fifties, have lived some of your best years and have lined your pockets enough to be able to splash on that fancy, impractical sports car. Oh no, the QLC hits you right in your supposed “prime” of your twenties and blinds you with thoughts like: “What the hell am I doing with my life?!”, “When will I feel like a ‘real adult’?”, and “Why didn’t anyone teach me how to do my taxes?”

Never fear – you aren’t alone! It seems that the QLC is all the rage in Perth at the moment. And there’s a couple of things we can do to help kick him to the curb:

  1. Social Media – get off it! Or, at the very least, limit your usage.

Let’s get real, social media is a total highlight reel. Everyone wants to post their absolute best moments where they’re kicking major career goals, how they’ve left Perth and are exploring the world (how are they affording this??) or have recently got engaged/ pregnant/ (insert serious life event here). And we’re all guilty of it too! But ain’t nobody posting that greasy-haired, breakout-central, have-a-Maccas-bag-hiding-under-your-bed pic. Take some time out to remember what’s real. Put down the phone and pick up a book, go for a walk or catch up with some friends face-to-face. Focus on what’s important to you!

  1. Get out of Perth (just for a little bit).

As much as I adore living in my coastal hometown, it can be our city’s small, compact community that has a lot of us longing for something bigger. Catch the first plane outta here – you only live once! Can’t afford a holiday? We are so lucky to have a zillion and one places to visit in WA that isn’t going to cost you the soul of your first-born child. Get your road trip on and adventure somewhere you’ve never been before. The possibilities are literally endless.

  1. Make a plan that’s for you – and not for your parents or your friends

Don’t know where you’ll be in 5 years? Don’t know what career you wanna do? Write down where you want to be, what you’re good at, and what you actually enjoy doing. For many of us in Perth, our ‘rents may have had just two or three jobs their entire lives – but did you know the Foundation for Youth has found that Millennials will likely have 17 different jobs and 5 different careers in our lifetime? If you’re feeling stuck in a job you hate in your twenties, try something new! It’s never too late.

Whilst the quarter-life crisis has been rearing its head lately, it’s a good time to remember that we still have PLENTY of time to figure life out. After all, we still have another three quarters to ‘find ourselves’. And that if we don’t, we will still have the OG mid-life crisis to rely on to help us re-evaluate again!

Comment below if you are feeling the QLC too!