The same stuff, different day. I love my hubby, but far out when taking the bin out on a Friday has been the only place to go together, tensions have been running high.
Like many parents, we have been hanging to get out of the house as a couple no kids in tow! Insert date night ideas in Perth.

Craig and I have always tried to maintain a date night even after having the kids. It’s been an excellent way for us to reconnect with each other, one on one, and have a conversation without having to break up an argument about why somebody gets the pink bowl instead of the green one.

Our youngest Octavia is nine months now, and it has been just as many months since we have been totally by ourselves without her cute – but equally annoying little face sitting directly in the middle of us both.

Craig and I. the calm before the storm… The whole fam wanted in!

Heading out is not as easy as it once was BC (before children) It’s not quite as often or as carefree. It’s a few days of prepping a babysitter to get the kids looked after and making sure all the date night plans are in place. BUT because of these things, it’s more of a reason to make sure you have a great night out. I promise you will feel better for having done it! It’s worth the effort!

Here are a few tips to make it easier:

  1. Make a list together of places to go or things you both would love to try – Make a bucket list of dates to go on. 
  2. Take turns planning a date, it takes the pressure off one of you for the night and also adds an element of fun or surprise.
  3. Be prepared before you leave, well as much any parent can be so that you can relax as much as possible for your time away from the kids.
  4. Put in some effort. Remember back to those times when you were first dating, before kids? Like that! Perfect opportunity to get dressed up, spoil your significant other and simply feel amazing just for yourself too.
  5. Don’t put pressure on everything being ‘perfect’ this isn’t the movies or some romance novel, its life and it’s going to be messy and imperfect. It is more about getting some time out doing something for yourselves, even the simplest of things like eating dessert without having to share! haha!
  6. Don’t get the guilts. Yep, it happens, you take some time out for yourselves and suddenly that sneaky little feeling creeps in. Don’t feel guilty about taking time out to be together; parenting is hard work, and after all, being alone together is how the kids were made in the first place.
  7. Single parents or those that have FIFO partners (my husband worked away for 11 years)  it is equally and especially important for you to have a break and have a night out. Take time to organise the kids to be looked after, grab some friends and head out, treat yourself because geez you most definitely deserve it. 

So what to do? Where to go?

Lucky for us Perth is full of amazing date night places to eat, drink and things to do.

Here are a few Perth Date nights on our list;

The Perth Observatory.

Perth Date night ideas

Start with a bite to eat down at family-owned Embers Wood-Fired and then head to the Perth Observatory for a Winters Night tour. Astronomers suggest the best time for viewing our southern skies is during Winter. Get rugged up and cosy together while taking in the beauty of the night sky, on a guided tour to seeing the stars and planets. The tour finishes with a hot chocolate, and if you are feeling extra romantic, you can even adopt a star for your lover.

Perth Observatory located: 337 Walnut Rd Bickley WA 6076

Embers Woodfired 169 Railway Road, Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia. Find them on Instagram

Looking for fun?

Holey Moley Golf Club Northbridge

This is not your average mini golf, definitely one for the adults that are big kids at heart. Holey Moley has a fully licensed bar boasting delicious cocktails and drinks while you putt. Craig and I are certainly not going to win any golf tournaments any time soon but would totally recommend this for a unique, fun style date that is sure to get you both laughing. Snacks are available but being located Northbridge, there is an array of great restaurants close by.

Location: 53 Lake St, Northbridge, Western Australia, 6003

A night at the movies with an old school twist.

I have to be honest we love going to the movies but a night together at the drive-in theatre puts quite a little romantic twist on things.

Do they still exist? The answer is YES, there is only one left here in Perth, the Galaxy Drive-In Theatre.

Perfect for those couples that love to watch a movie together but with a little old school charm. It automatically makes me feel like I’m going on a date back in the days of my grandparents, sitting in the car together, popcorn and tuning into your radio station to watch the big screen. 

Even though I’m talking date nights – this experience is equally as fun to do with the whole family!

Located:157-167 Goollelal Drive, Kingsley WA 6026

Find them on Instagram

date night ideas perth
Image Credit; Fleur Facebook

Do you want to indulge? Book a dinner for two at Fleur.

Inside the heritage-listed building of The Royal, is Fleur, has an incredibly extensive wine list and amazing tiny cocktails (they look like little works of art), their dishes showcase local produce but they have a soft spot for fantastic seafood. The dinner menu is a set degustation of five-courses plated up with intricate minimalism. Fleur is an experience as well as fine dining, in a beautifully styled setting and will make for a very romantic night out for two or a unique night out with friends.


Check out their Instagram Here

Have you got any recommendations for fun things to do or amazing places that we should add to our Date night bucket list? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment.



Originally posted 2020, links updated Jan 2023