By Chloe King

“The Motherhood Comedy Mums, Emma Krause, Pony, and Simone Springer are joined for the first time by Dads! Andrew Wolfe and David Tuffley!

Parenting, relationships and general life fails, these comedians will have you hanging on to your episiotomy scars.”

With stories and jokes to make you squirm in self-recognition, these Comedy Mums and Dads gave an audience of fully lubricated parents a well deserved night away from their darling rug-rats. Speaking of carpets, the conference room’s delightful decor (Alan Bond meets The Shining) was MC Pony’s first item on the agenda. With the witty acknowledgment of carpet out the way, and some eventual re-arranging of the migraine inducing stage lights, the comedians whisked us away from the drab and dreary world of The Rendezvous Preston Room (a place where the most interesting thing in the conference would be a bowl of Mentos on the table) to, well, the drab and dreary world of Motherhood, Morning drinking, Meth heads and Midland. 

Comedy show? Confessional? Therapy? Who cares! 

The audience drank up the collective outpourings of the darker side of parenting. 

With Pony setting the pace, the performers steadily picked up the speed. David Tuffley made a strong start with his meek self-deprecation (a man of ‘wee-stained shirts, with a small island on his head where his fringe used to be’). Emma Krause charmed us with her bubbly delivery (how to survive meth-soaked Midland as a relief teacher). Giving us a run for the money was Simone Springer’s refined art of ‘Parent Tinder Techniques’ (how to spot your potential parent tribe from the Mother’s Day artwork ‘Wall of Shame’) and bringing it down the home stretch was Andrew Wolfe with a breakneck gallop to the finish line (heaven help you if you are ‘Cheryl from Padbury’!).

The show ended with an attempted musical encore – (a little messy, a bit like a dad’s first attempt to change a nappy. Should improve with practice). 

A fun way for adults to get away from the kids for the night – without forgetting the little darlings.

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