The newest late night venue to take Perth by storm is what all your vintage dreams are made of. Old Values Subiaco, previously Red Sea and Club Kahuna, has undergone the mother of all makeovers. I spy vintage leather, raw timber and industrial lighting so naturally I’m sprinting there asap.

With décor comprised of old bus seating, an ex Perth airport fire truck, hundred year old chandeliers and vintage doors hanging from the ceiling, Old Values Subiaco is destined to become your new home away from home – a cosy lounge room where someone else serves you drinks while you listed to iconic 90s tunes… and if that ain’t the dream I don’t know what is.

The brainchild of Subi local Ryan Palazzolo, Old Values promises to draw in a completely different crowd to the venue’s previous identities. Each element of the venue is trying to pull on those heartstrings and tap in to the old memory bank to take you back to when you were young(er). Nostalgia on nostalgia… that’s what we’re hearing – and we’re about it.

Right, that’s enough beating about the bush – lets talk cocktails. Aside from the obvious cool-ness that each cocktail is named after a different Pop icon, I have yet to see a cocktail on their menu that I’m not keen on. I’m talking banging Gin and Tonic (The Freddy Mercury), Pink gin sour slushy served with nerds, sherbet and sour straps (The Courtney Love), and my #DrinkofDreams – a passionfruit mojito slushy (The Madonna)… and that’s all before we even get into their espresso martinis, which may or may not involve a curly whirly! *Run don’t walk*. With a curated selection of fine wines and craft beer there is absolutely something for everyone at Old Values Subiaco.

Bookings are welcomed, and we recommend you do, because from 6pm every Friday and Saturday the Old Values kitchen is open for business and cranking out delicious tapas to help soak up those Tina Turners. We’re talking grazing boards, chorizo & halloumi skewers, mac and cheese bites, polenta chips… cue drooling over my keyboard. So you can eat, drink, and then dance the night away until 5am to work off the eating and the drinking!

But wait, there’s more! (Said with a cheesy channel 7 morning tv info-mercial smile).
Do you have a birthday coming up? Because Old Values Subiaco want to give you a free bottle of bubbles to help you celebrate when you make a booking for 5 people or more. I mean…. I mean…!

Let’s recap.
Amazing vintage décor, comfy booth seating, 90’s bangers, tapas eats, an epic cocktail list, themed event nights, and free bubbles on your birthday.

See you there!

Old Values Facebook

83 Rokeby Road, Subiaco 6008

0410 387 554

Photo Credit- Old Values Facebook

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