A celebration of creativity, learning and thriving is docking in Fremantle next week from 23-27 Nov as Now I Own showcases the creative and entreprenerial talents of three schools from the programme.

Now I own Fremantle Arts

Local Cultural Arts Organisation, FORM, partnered with three Curriculum and Reengagement in Education (CARE) schools to create Now I own inaugurally last year, and after the success of the pilot, we’re glad to see it’s back for 2022.

The project engages with over 90 youth at risk to give them a safe space to develop agency and confidence in learning through creativity, individuality and resilience.

Schools were paired up with artists Claire Davenhall, Kaitlyn Elsegood, Anne Gee, Amanda Kendle, Stephanie Reisch and Rachel Wyder.

It’s a great example of different ways of learning and gives students the opportunity to flourish in something that isn’t assessed by essays or exams. We’re all for that!

Fairbridge College students have delved into the landscapes in and outside of ourselves exploring how language and geographical materials can be sculpted to represent internal landscape, connections to Country, and our relationship to physical landforms.

Alta-1 in Ellenbrook present a science based project about microbes and making the invisible visible.

Alta-1 in Joondalup have used podcasting and graphic design to analyse and explore Chinese culture-inventions, philosophy and history and see how this still carries relevance in modern day life.

SMYL College, Medina, used First Nations female leaders (Yokas) as a lens to explore and visually document their local bushland.The result was Constellations, a piece using the cosmos to explore creation mythology.

And students from Port School Entrepreneurial programme entered the world of business, taking care of the financing, budgeting and organisation of the event.

Now I Own, Fremantle, The Old Customs House, 8 Phillimore Street, 6160

23-27 November

The exhibition is entirely free.

Find out more about CARE schools here.

Next week also sees the launch of new Fremantle restaraunt Sailing for Oranges. Juicy!