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by Heather Jerrems

If late nights, tiny shorts and great comedy are your thing, then you don’t want to miss Night of Champions. A late-night variety and comedy party hour hosted by the UK’s James Hancox.

Clad in a small umpire’s uniform and armed with quick wit (and surprisingly decent power ballads), Hancox sets out to celebrate heroes on and off the stage with a variety power hour full of surprises and special guests.

The show featured four guest acts, the first up for the night was the duo from Clown Fish Theatre performing an impressive impression of both David Attenborough and ALL the animals he would encounter in an expedition to the deep blue. If you’ve ever wondered what the human embodiment of ocean krill looks like, these guys have the answer.

Following Clown Fish Theatre was Tom Whinston with a lesson in sailing. Playing the character of Scott Murphy, a sea-savy sailor, Tom served together a couple of clever sailing puns and even a bit of slapstick that got the crowd chuckling.

Elizabeth Davie’s Apex Predator brought a new mood to the room with her dark and bizarre style of clowning. Davie held the audience hostage with her wide, toothy grin and some confronting (mimed) predator killings. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but a brave performance none the less!

The headliner for the evening was Kevin Quantum, a magician and illusionist with some very clever card trickery. Quantum is a truly charming, and comedic entertainer, out of the four acts of the evening, Quantum was clearly the crowd favourite.

While the lineup up was strong, James Hancox was the hilarious glue that stuck the whole hour together. Quipped with fun party games and a knack for audience participation, Hancox helped us to discover we were the true champions all along!

Night of Champions runs each Friday and Saturday night of Fringe at 10:40PM in the Casa Mondo tent Yagan Square with a rotating lineup.


Duration: 60 min

Venue: Casa Mondo at Yagan Square

18+ (Recommended)

On each Friday and Saturday night until 15th Feb

Tickets can be purchased here.