I have always stayed active. Exercise and playing sport has been a huge part of my life. During my pregnancy with my youngest daughter, I was able to continue exercising until I was 39 weeks. I had struggled during this time to find both modern and comfortable activewear – at first, I had tried to buy some tights that were larger to accommodate but they would slip down or cut into the wrong places – they simply weren’t made to fit or move with a growing bump.

After having Octavia, when I was given the all-clear, I returned to weight training and boxing, I’m still breastfeeding and It meant I would have to wear a normal high impact crop to train in, as normal nursing bras simply were not supportive enough. This made it particularly difficult to feed Octavia easily before or after training.

This is where award-winning Perth owned business MummActiv comes in, providing both stylish and comfortable activewear that will see you through pregnancy, nursing, postpartum, and beyond.

My personal go-to is the Sweetheart Nursing crop, it is a stylish sleek black sports bra with functional nursing clips to make it easy to breastfeed whenever you need to. This style is great for high impact sports and is perfect for me as I love functional fitness, boxing and running. It is extremely supportive and feels smooth on and is comfortable to wear.

As both a trainer and former sports professional, I have worn SO many styles of sports bras and crops, and this crop is hands down one of the very best! It stays in place during some of the most intense movements and I will be wearing this long after my nursing days are over. 

Some of the features include:

  • Removable padding or the ability to be able to place a nursing pad inside the crop if needed
  • Wireless design
  • Razorback
  • Moisture-wicking and Anti-bacterial fabric
  • Easy to use nursing clips
  • Stylish black design – which doesn’t even look like a nursing bra
Training in the Sweetheart Nursing Crop.

Next up is the ‘Actually I Can’ breastfeeding jumper. Where do I even start with this? I cannot honestly rave about this enough!

This jumper has two very discrete zippers to allow easy breastfeeding without having to take your jumper off or pull it all the way up. Ingenious! This is incredible especially during the colder months and it’s so convenient to be able to quickly feed

Feeding Octavia in the Actually I Can jumper. Photo: Rose Oates

The jumper is a super soft fabric and lovely and warm without being too thick, which allows for layering. This is important during pregnancy as it’s so easy to go from cold to hot in no time!

I found the length of the jumper was great and this along with the stretch is perfect for a growing bump.

Our body goes through so many changes during pregnancy and postpartum, this is a classic and versatile jumper I would personally say is a must-have when building a collection of clothing for your journey through motherhood. Great to throw on to head to the gym but easily able to be worn casually with a pair of jeans.

The local Perth brand MummActiv has a passion to inspire mums to be active and has created a collection that is stylish, functional, and made to last. They have range of pieces from crops to even swimwear – you can check out the full collection HERE

Or check them out on Instagram

Wearing the MummActiv Jumper to warm up. Photo- Rose Oates