4 star review

Multiple Award-winning Mark Trenwith is back at The Hat Trick in Pleasure Garden this Fringe Festival as the super goofy, super hysterical Mr. Snotbottom!

Featuring stand-up comedy especially tailored for little ones, the 50 minute show is suitable for children 4-12 years old, and for anyone with a silly sense of humour! Kids will watch gleefully as Mr. Snotbottom tries to get dressed for his performance, and even put together a rock band on stage using everyday household items! Did you know that a mop can be an electric guitar? Youโ€™ll find out in this show.

Fart jokes (and noises!), funny stories about poo, catchy songs about ghosts and toilets, a musical tribute to mums and dads, and ooey, gooey magic tricks that will make everyone squeal in disgust and laugh out loud, are all to be found in this quirky family show. Mr. Snotbottom will even occasionally come off stage and engage with his audience members.

Parents and children alike may even be called up on stage to participate in some of his hilarious skits, so if you like being in the spotlight, be sure to wave your arm nice and high and maybe Mr. Snotbottom will select you to perform with him in one of his many silly acts!

Be warned though: you may also be singled out in the crowd and a special silly song is written โ€“ and sung โ€“ about you in front of everyone.

If you’re looking for child-friendly comedy and interactive entertainment at Fringe World this year, Mr. Snotbottom is guaranteed to deliver belly laughs from everyone in the audience. The humour in the show is inclusive, child-appropriate and the venue is wheelchair accessible too.


Mr Snotbottom Comedian For Kids

Who: All Ages (Children’s Show)

Where: The Hat Trick at The Pleasure Garden

When: 24th – 29thย of January 2023

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