I will start this review by saying I am not a “movie reviewer.” I am not looking at the casting, cinematography or music. I am reviewing this as a movie-loving punter who happens to own a website.

Now, with that out of the way- Oh MY! Spider-man No Way Home. I was waning a little from Marvel with the abundance of movies, cartoons, tv shows and more being produced, but Spider-man No Way Home, well it brought me back. It brought me home, you might say.

I want to share the review of three different people in this article. I think with something as epic as the Marvel Universe, you wonder if you can watch a movie without ALL of the extensive backstories. If this is you, then read on my friends!

Reviewer One- A general overview and understanding of the Marvel Universe, but haven’t seen all the movies.

Walking into the movie with a general understanding of Spider-man and the Avengers, I was concerned I wouldn’t follow. I have found they were becoming quite cookie cutter [all the superhero movies across DC and Marvel]. I will say that this movie was highly entertaining, humorous and had a general enough storyline outside of the specifics that I could enjoy. If you are a plus one on a date with a Marvel lover, you’ll still be able to have fun and enjoy.

Reviewer Two – That’s me! I’ve seen all the movies and most of the tv shows.

I was SO excited about this movie after I saw the trailer. I have seen all the movies in the last ten years or so and I was very excited with WandaVision and LOVED Loki, so yeah I know stuff.

I don’t want to give any spoilers away but if you haven’t refreshed yourself on the Spider-Man movies that come before, you should do that. There was one story line I had to ask to be explained by Reviewer Three, but, besides that, I laughed very hard, maybe too hard if I’m honest, and love the complexity of all the characters.

This movie builds on from previous movies and I love that it was easy for us to follow where we were in the timeline. My final point, make sure you stay until the end. If you know, you know. Do what you do and then make it longer…

Reviewer Three- Seen it all, Watched them all and have encyclopedias on the Marvel Universe.

Loved it. 5 out of 5. Go see it.


There you go, three reviews from three different people. This will be a HUGE movie and we can’t wait for those who follow!

Let us know below in the comments your thoughts on Spider-Man No Way Home and which reviewer you align most with.