It’s Chucky receives an Artificial Intelligence makeover in this creepy new film by James Wan (Saw, Annabelle, Conjuring series etc)

Spoilers aside, M3GAN is an angelic looking lifelike A.I child doll invented by Robotics Engineer, Gemma, in the hopes of impressing her boss, revolutionising the toy industry, and keeping her eight-year-old niece, Cady, occupied and comforted following the sudden passing of her parents.

Whilst it’s heavily cliched, and from the trailer alone, we ALL know that at some point, this darling dream doll will eventually turn to the dark side, what’s unique about this film is the evolution of M3GAN herself. It was also chilling to watch how Cady’s character develops as her friendship with the creepy A.I doll progresses.

With enough suspenseful scenes to keep the audience engaged, and enough dark comedy to warrant a genuine laugh (didn’t expect to actually chuckle so much), M3GAN will satisfy movie goers looking – not for a horror, because it really doesn’t classify as one, but – for a sci-fi meets thriller that feels like a frightening, conceivable chapter from our not too distant technological future.

Out in Australian Cinemas Jan 12th.

7.5 / 10

Watch the M3GAN trailer here.

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M3GAN Movie review