What’s big and red and pees like Niagra Falls? Santa with a bladder infection? Oh no ho ho. It’s Clifford the Big Red Dog, of course. And that’s not all he does!

My girls and I watched this feel-good family movie from Paramount Pictures with much delight, laughing out loud at every XL puppy shenanigan. From a teeny tiny lapdog, chock full of cuteness and cuddles, Clifford the puppy grows overnight into one humongous hound, enjoying such pursuits as eating twenty hotdogs in one mouthful, racing police cars, wrecking kitchen tables, and swallowing his friends. Not to mention the snot and slobber. What a whole lotta puppy trouble!

I have to admit, though, I’d look after him. Imagine how safe you would feel with a dog like that. No bullies in a 50km radius, and that’s exactly what Emily, Clifford’s 8-year-old owner, hopes for too. In fact, a little girl’s love and her wish to be big and strong is what makes Clifford grow so huge in the first place. It’s a perfect pairing and a simple message. Love is all you need, and magic is all around us.

Joining the underdogs (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) on their journey of discovery is Emily’s dysfunctional uncle and her nerdy best friend, as well as a two-headed goat and a particularly evil sheep. It’s strangely uplifting when this motley crew join forces to defeat the bad guys who are trying to claim Clifford as their own.

John Cleese also stars as the mysterious Mr Bridwell, animal rescuer and all round maker of magic. His character’s name is a tribute to the author of the 1960’s children’s book series upon which the film is based and an endearing addition to the cast of characters.

Despite a too perfect ending, this film delivers laughs, love and life lessons for the whole family.

Clifford the Big Red Dog releases in Australian Cinemas December 30th 2021.

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