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Move over skyrockets and their flight path – Afternoon Delights has a new meaning here in P-Town. And by new meaning, I mean super-cool-pop-up-event-where-you-get-to-try-local-hand-picked-drinks-and-boogie-with-a-DJ-all-afternoon-long.

Afternoon Delights is a brand-new event run by local event biz, Neighbourhood Events Co., and is set to travel around Perth venues showing off the best drinks, food and tunes our city has to offer. Volume One; Rosé and Sours, launched at The Standard in Northbridge earlier in March to an eager crowd ready to do what Perth does best – enjoy themselves over a few bevvies.

The event itself works pretty simple; you purchase a ticket for the particular drink you’d like to try – in volume one’s case it was rosé or sour beer – which leaves you with four hand-picked glasses of said drink, a $10 food voucher and a three-hour serenade from a live DJ. There are extra touches, like an info card on all the bevvies you’ll be trying (perfect for you connoisseurs out there) and massive smiles from the N.E.C crew upon entry.

I opted for the rose ticket (because I’ve yet to develop my beer-loving-palette) and quite frankly loved trying wines that I would probably never order over my beloved grenache. The featured wines hailed from local wineries; LS Merchants, Mon Tout, Express Winemakers and Dormilona – and all hit the spot in their own way. Beer drinkers were given the taste of Beerfarm, Rocky Ridge, Nowhereman Brewing and Eagle Bay Brewing Co. It was kinda like a mini wine tour, except there were less 18 year olds and white linen. Between the second and third drop, it was the perfect time to treat myself and order The Standard’s famous gems and sourdough with miso-butter. They were both, to put it simply, *chefs kiss*. The rest of the afternoon was spent simply enjoying the positive vibe pumping from every inch of the venue and its inhabitants. Perfect Saturday afternoon: achieved.

If their sold-out first event was anything to go by, Neighbourhood Events Co. are definitely onto a winner with this Saturday-Sesh style set-up that welcomes any and everyone with welcome arms (unless you’re under 18, no wine for you). The next time you’re looking for the next best thing to take a date or a mate too, make sure you put Volume Two at the top of your list.

Check out their website here.