From the makers that bought you the acclaimed 2018 film Searching, comes their new film – Missing, which – like its predecessor, is just as dramatic, just as nail biting and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Unlike the first film though, where it is a parent looking for a child, in Missing, the plot revolves around a desperate daughter searching for her mother who has mysteriously disappeared whilst on vacation in Columbia.

Lead actress Storm Reid was solid in her role as the worried eighteen-year-old daughter, June, looking for her mum Grace (played by veteran actress Nia Long). I thought the two played a perfect mother and daughter pair, and when Grace goes missing, Reid’s fears, concerns and anxiety were convincing on screen. It was also great to see a multi-racial cast used throughout the movie!

Like Searching, Missing uses the POV of technological devices to tell its story. All the filming comes from the perspective of things like computer monitor cameras, mobile phones, Whatsapp video calls, smart watches, even doorbell cameras. This trending ‘screenlife’ way of filming allows those who are watching the movie to feel like they are right there with the lead actors going through everything they are going through in real time.

What’s interesting, albeit frightening, about Missing is that it shows us how incredibly helpful technology can be when you’re on a mission, but at the same time, demonstrates that a huge chunk of our lives are really and truly online – and that it is dangerously accessible to anyone. Even though her mother is missing in a foreign country, June uses the internet to track her mother’s last whereabouts without needing to physically be in Columbia at all. Realistically, I’m sure we all know it would have been a lot more complicated than that, but it certainly was intriguing to see how clever use of technology and online services could potentially help one do it.

Overall, Missing is a fantastic thriller bound to keep you guessing to the end. I continuously thought I knew what would happen next, only to be met with a sucker punch plot twist! If you enjoyed Searching, you’ll really enjoy Missing. And if you haven’t watched either, I highly recommend you watch them both!

8.5 / 10

In cinemas now.