By Kaye Waterhouse

Syd & Phyllis Perth is Midland’s hidden secret. No really, if you can find it, it will be worth your time!

Tucked away in Midland (by the Railway Workshops) on Foundry road, Syd & Phyllis boasts an alternative to street frontage; an elevated paved promenade and retired railway line, and the original railway buildings. This means an abundance of sun-soaked tables for basking and brunching so just park around the corner on the street, and wander along the old railway line to Syd & Phyllis doors at the base of a new apartment complex. On this day the winter morning was cold, and we chose a table inside by the windows.

We weren’t cold for long when two enormous plates of food landed in front of us; homemade pancakes and a fried halloumi and polenta stack, topped with a perfectly poached egg and little gasps of excitement escaped our mouths. The pancakes were thick with a browned but very light crispy exterior with the texture of cake. This is a huge serve but unlike some dishes that go for size for shock factor, Syd & Phyllis has also nailed the texture & taste of a true pancake, with an emphasis on the cake! Our recommendation is to NOT order the extra pancake to go on top, two is more than enough to fill a grown man!

Blistered tomatoes and chargrilled broccolini rested against thick crispy polenta chips, layered with fried halloumi and streaky bacon, and finally topped with an oozy egg for the nearly famous Syd & Phyllis “Stack”. Perfect either for lunch option or even a hangover recovery treat, this savoury plate has a whole smorgasbord of tastes to explore without feeling laden down afterwards with the ciabatta or sourdough toast that normally accompanies these kind of meals, the polenta chips offer all you need!

The whole menu showcases meals like this, interesting and creative twists on old classics, the kind of place you have to come back to because the menu variety asks it of you! If Syd had never met Phyllis, Sam would never have met Jade, they wouldn’t have opened this hotspot, and I would not have eaten the most delicious and filling brunch this region has to offer!

Head to their website here: to check out what delish eats you can try, and tag @perthhappenings in all your tasty treats!

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Featured Images from the Syd and Phyllis Facebook Page

Written in 2019, updated Dec 2022