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Maylands Waterland

Maylands Waterpark

Touted as a premier water playground in WA, Maylands Waterland truly is the recreational area to beat, as evidenced by the huge crowds during the weekends. Officially opened in October 2022, the expansive playground features two huge water play areas and two separate nature play areas.

The first water play area is a giant splash pad, featuring a wide array of sprinklers. Starting at the top, visitors are greeted by a massive frog water feature and a kiddy waterfall. This area is covered in a mix of concrete and soft fall material, with a gentle gradient towards the bottom of the zone. This section is suitable for younger kids save for the bottom area where there is a rocky zone for kids to clamber over as well as a log-like water feature which, while tempting to climb, might be a little above the capabilities of toddlers.

Maylands waterland

I learnt the hard (but fun!) way that supervising your child from within this splash pad is a bit like trying to navigate a mine field – while you’re focused on avoiding one sprinkler, another will hit you from the side. There are sprinklers in the floor that spray water in a radial fashion and others that mimic geysers. The little frogs lining the perimeter of this zone squirt water towards the centre of the pool and there are what looks like showers sneakily spraying you horizontally. The most diabolical thing is that these sprays alternate with each other, so you’re never quite sure where you’re going to get hit next.

The first water play area is separated from the second by a pathway and areas covered by artificial grass. As the shade sails only covers a small margin outside of the water play areas, it would be wise to ensure delicate little feet are protected when moving between the two zones on a hot Summer day.

The second water play area combines a splash area (including sprinklers and a water tipper) on one end and a shallow wading area on the other. It’s a popular spot with the parents, who tend to sit on the edge to watch the kids while dipping their feet in for a little splash. The water in the wading area drains regularly but as there are no staff on hand, parental supervision and vigilance is recommended. While the water is shallow, it still presents a drowning risk for toddlers and there is no one to herd people out of the water in case of a “code brown.”

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When the kiddies are bored of splashing in the water, there are two play areas for them to explore. The central feature of the first one is a wooden play set with various climbing areas and a slide. This area is also lined by a variety of logs for kids to jump and balance on. The second area, best suited for older kids, has several climbing structures and a larger, more challenging, balance beam area. Both play areas are covered in soft wood mulch instead of sand… which my car is very thankful for.

An Australian Park isn’t complete without barbecue facilities, but the Maylands Waterland takes this one step further by providing a dedicated party space with a kitchenette available for hire. Party hire is for 2-hour time slots and includes up to three picnic benches.

There are roomy, individual change rooms with showers onsite. While we brought our own drinks and snacks, there was also a drinks truck and ice cream van when we were there.

maylands waterland photos

There are a few benches and picnic tables around but given the popularity of the area, picnic blankets and beach chairs are recommended if you intend to stay there for the long haul. Parking is limited near the “official” entry of the Waterland. There is a marked overflow parking lot down the road which is a 2-3 minute walk away and there are a few gated access points around the perimeter of the park.

Maylands Waterland is a great FREE way to keep the kids entertained in Summer. It’s the perfect alternative for families who live further away from the beach… or who just don’t want to bring half the beach home with them.

Key Perth Playgrounds Information:

Maylands Waterland

Address: 32 Clarkson Road, Maylands
Age group: All ages
Toilets: Yes, some with shower facilities
BBQ facilities: Yes
Shade: Yes
Fencing: Mostly enclosed with a wide opening at the entrance

Important to note: While Maylands Waterland is open all year round, the water features are only in operation between the start of the September school holidays until the end of the April school holidays. The park also does not have lifeguards on duty, so parental supervision is advised.

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