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If you have ever doubted the legitimacy of hypnosis, then Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale’s new Fringe show ‘Random Acts of Mindness’ is an absolute must-see! Held in the Megamouth Tent at Yagan Square with a few odd shows at the Pleasure Gardens and at the Big Top, Matt’s shows are guaranteed to be packed out every single night.

If you’re scared of being picked out from the crowd – please note that participation in the show is voluntary ONLY – although by the end of the show you are going to kick yourself that you didn’t put your hand up to volunteer. Do keep in mind that you ARE allowed to take photos and videos on your phone (without flash) and that if you do volunteer the evidence will be out there forever!

Having seen my boyfriend get hypnotised at one of Matt’s shows last year at Fringe, I knew that this year would be as funny as ever. Alongside singalongs and dance numbers, Matt will have you in absolute stitches from the get-go as he puts all the volunteers through a series of fictional situations where they are encouraged to act like no-one is watching.

With a different audience each night, the shows are guaranteed to be one of a kind – meaning that you have the opportunity to go again and again! By the end of the show, you will definitely be scratching your head ‘How did he do that?” and will be dying to get in that feel-good, carefree state that all the volunteers drifted into. The show is suitable for all ages so bring along the kids, your bestie, your partner or your grandparents – they will all love it!


Duration: 60 min

Venue: Megamouth, Yagan Square

Suitability and warnings: All ages

Season- Daily until 16th February 2020 

Book tickets here