4.5 star Fringe Show review

Sylvester Stallone doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of Manbo!

Award-winning Sam Dugmore returns to Perth this Fringe Festival with his side-splitting one-man show as Manbo, the veteran war-hero on a perilous mission to Afghanistan (which according to his geographical knowledge, lies on the border between Vietnam and the United States of America!) to rescue his mentor from the clutches of evil Russians.

Imagine: a handful of Rambo, a dash of Rocky, and a spoonful of Ben Stiller’s character from Tropic Thunder, rolled into one. Throw in some pool noodles, colourful play balls, action-hero toys, an air blower, a padded muscle suit, and what you’ll receive is 60 entertaining minutes of one man’s quest to save the day.

The show pokes fun at classic war films and the stereotypical characters and battle scenes that feature in them. There is also a loyal and loving dog named Fluffy, who is as adventurous and as fearless as his eccentric owner! (You’ll need to use your imagination to see Fluffy though!)

Audience participation is high in this show, and volunteers may be called upon stage to assist Manbo on his dangerous mission. If you want in on the explosive action, sitting as close as you can to the stage is highly recommended!

(Note: If you feel brave enough to join Manbo on stage, make sure you’re dressed appropriately (ie. no short skirts) as there will be tumbles and falls you’ll be expected to do in front of everyone.)

Featuring funny sound effects, hilarious miming, rigorous workout routines, a would-be love story, and classic songs from the 80s, Manbo is guaranteed to make you laugh if you enjoy the humour found in silly spoofs. Dugmore delivers his uproarious role with minimal props and a lot of energy, and brings together this truly comical satire of the world’s greatest action hero.


Who: Rated M

Where: The Hat Trick at The Pleasure Garden

When: 9-12th Feb, 14th-19th Feb

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