Want to end the school holidays with the coolest family outing that will have the kids talking and laughing for days on end? Look no further than Crown theatre this January as Madagascar the Musical sets up shop for one week only!

Based on the original Dreamworks animation, Madagascar the Musical tells the story of four friends who escape the New York City Zoo and find themselves in a very strange place… with some very strange creatures. This is a tale of friendship, adventure and finding your own path, told in the most fun and entertaining way you could imagine.

Engaging from start to finish, parents will appreciate the catchy songs, incredible singing and great, over the top acting, while the kids will go mad for the eye–catching (and lifelike!) props and costumes, as well as the dazzling choreography. There is absolutely zero chance that anyone is going to get bored here. There’s no time for it!

Although everyone will have their own favourite parts of the show, the one thing that is guaranteed to be an undisputed winner is the comedy. Opening with some good old toilet humour (what better way to capture little people’s attention?), the sound of laughter never really leaves the theatre from that point on. And once King Julien makes his appearance in the second act, it’s basically game over.

If you have little ones that have never been to the theatre, this is the perfect show to take them to. From audience interaction to the inclusion of the iconic song “I like to move it”, which they will certainly be singing on the way home, this epic first taste of a musical is certain to make them fall in love with the theatre.

Do the whole family a favour and give them a night no one will forget. But you better move it move it… because it won’t be around for long!


19 to 26 January 2023

Crown Theatre Perth

Tickets via www.ticketek.com.au

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