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When it comes to watching films, there’s something irreplaceable about the cinematic experience. While I, for one, have definitely enjoyed discovering new films from the comfort of my own home, I know that it’s simply just the next best thing to settle for with cinemas having closed over lockdown.

However, with relaxed restrictions comes great news: Luna Palace Cinemas has announced that they’ll be reopening their doors next month – on Thursday, July 2 to be exact!

So pencil the date in and round up your fellow film aficionados, because this is set to be one anticipated return. Having personally spent several nights dressed up for Luna Leederville movie premieres, it’s safe to say I’m excited to see my favourite independent corner theatre back in business.

To celebrate in style, Luna Leederville will be hosting two iconic film nights dedicated to cult movie favourites, Cats and The Room. That’s right, you heard us!

Sunday 12 July @ 7.00pm at Luna Leederville
100 min | Tickets here

While the latter has always been described as being ‘so bad it’s good’, there’s no denying how iconic its protagonist Tommy Wiseau remains. Hosted by James Palm, the movie will be back on screen for all its fans – who are encouraged to get into the spirit of the night. Come dressed as your favourite character from The Room, throw a couple of spoons and footballs, eat metaphoric apples and (if you dare) impress everyone by quoting this entire 2003 flick word-for-word.

Friday 17 July @ 7.00pm at Luna Leederville
110 min | Tickets here

Known for its equally ‘campy’ value, Cats will also be gracing the Luna Leederville screen for one night only – for those who can’t get enough of this 2019 movie/musical. As a guilty pleasure movie for some, this themed film night is bound to be a wild one with singalongs, pop quizzes, photo ops and dance breaks galore. Did we mention Perth’s famous The Macri Sisters will be performing on the night to your cabaret and musical theatre needs? (We think yes.)

Don’t forget to check out what other fantastic films will be showing here!


Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash