In all my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would see a Burlesque show so riveting, so hilarious and so god damn sexy as Lucid.

Yet Sugar Blue Burlesque delivered all that and more in this dream inspired Fringe show, guiding us through their whimsical and erotic unconsciousness. 

Host, heavenly body and Miss Burlesque WA 2016, Sugar Du Joure set the bar high with her energetic, comedic and sensual entrance. Weaving her way effortlessly through each performance with endless jokes, genius audience engagement and delightful dances, she kept us on our toes and begging for more. Whether it be food nightmares, sex dreams or something weird and wonderful in-between, Sugar Du Joure had plenty to tell and do that the audience just ate up. 

Joining Sugar Du Joure in a bizarre journey through their dreams were adored, talented and gorgeous performers from Sugar Blue Burlesque who had incredible stage presence and unique routines. With each performance inspired by our vivid imaginations, the performers truly embodied the emotion of their dream with perfection, continuing their masterful characterisation throughout the dazzling show. Every twist and turn was met with roaring cheers from the crowd. To say we were captivated would be an understatement – each performer had us wrapped around their finger. 

Perhaps my favourite act was Lucy Lovegun, who truly exceeded all expectations of Burlesque for me. Somehow she married silly with seduction in the best use of wigs I have ever seen (and I doubt it will be beaten). I feel guilty choosing a favourite because I loved it from minute to end, but there was something about Lucy’s performance that I will never forget. 

It was truly inspiring to see performers who might look like myself, or my friends, working the stage with such grace. It was a reminder of how beautiful and charming femininity is – something many of us seem to forget. 

Sadly, but in no way shocking, the remaining two shows of LUCID are sold out. However, their much-anticipated Fringe show Prohibition will take over the Main Room at Connections Nightclub from Monday 9 February. With Sugar Blue Burlesque being proudly Perth-based, you are sure to have the opportunity to be wowed by this fascinating group of performers one day. 

lucid fringe review - 4.5 stars

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